The other day I set out to make one of my favorite study snacks: Velvet Cocoa Butter Pudding. However the oven was already pre-heated because I had just finished baking up a weeks supply of my favorite vegetable (turnip/rutabaga), thus I impulsively decided to bake the mixture.

I sure am glad I did, because these turned out to be a great texture for my liking: soft and gooey. If you are looking for a crunchy hard cookie these are not for you. In fact the centers remain almost uncooked, but there is nothing to worry about because there are no eggs in the recipe.

Anyone who has the tiniest hint of a sweet tooth will want to add some sort of sweetener to this recipe

In effort to live life  through the eyes of a child, I though I would share some fun I had playing shadow puppets. 


What was the last impulsive thing you did? Do you prefer your cookies soft or crunchy? What are your favourite shadow puppets to make?