My post today isn’t about food.

It’s also not about fitness.

It’s about living.

To keep you all interested though I will sprinkle some food photos between

I’ve been reading (slowly) a book by Beth Moore (she blogs too!) called: So Long Insecurites You’ve been a Bad Friend to Me. Please don’t laugh, I know the title is quite…embarrassing. I find it hilariously ironic that most would be too insecure to pull out this book at a work lunch break.  When I initially started reading I considered my self to be secure. For the most part I have a perception that no one notices me.

Blended silken tofu with yogurt and cocoa powder. This has been incorporated into many night time snacks this past week

I believe I can walk through a crowded street naked and no one would turn and stare.  I would never actually do that, so perhaps that is a bit of an extreme example. Here is a real example (please don’t think me a lesser person):

The Subway Stealer Story: I’ve always been told I look younger then I am. So when I started going to university I still paid student fare, even though technically I was supposed to pay adult. I knew other people doing this so it was no big deal, other then the poor integrity on my part. One day I was running short on change, so I put in 50 cents less then the student fare. The teller didn’t notice. So I did it again, and again, and again. And I paid less, and less, and less. I used the subway to and from school everyday, so this was happening daily. I felt really bad, but I was almost angry at the fact that no teller noticed me. Until one day he did. According to him he had been noticing me for weeks and was VERY angry, he said he should fine me. Thank goodness this man had a heart, because I really didn’t deserve to be let of the hook, but he let me go. After I got over the shock of the teller’s yelling words I realized I was comforted by the fact that he had been “watching me for weeks“. What? I’m not invisible to the world? I’m a real person? This was welcomed news to me.

Speaking of Books: I'm also reading a book from one of my favorite fiction series...The Outlander series

Thanks to Beth Moore’s book I have been able to recognize that feeling invisible is still insecurity. Sure it’s not the conventional insecurity in which you see girls who won’t leave their house without makeup, but it’s still insecurity and insecurity is toxic. I haven’t finished the book yet, but still I would recommend it to anyone who is dealing with insecurities. Even those who aren’t dealing with insecurities anymore could benefit from this book.

Sweet&Savory: garlic cracker bread, lemon source yogurt thinly spread, eggwhite cooked with chili powder, strawberry slice. The Verdict: YUM! Almost beats the PB and pizza!

I should warn you that Beth Moore is a Christian writer and the book clearly shows her faith and devotion. Being a Christian I find my security in God, but I understand there are many other places that others find security. So I’m curious…

Where do you find your security? Have you ever felt so insecure that you have done something really stupid (like my subway story)?