There is nothing like a sunny Saturday to get you relaxed, happy, and late for your weekend post. Either way here is how I’m hoping the rest of my weekend is going to play out.


Father’s Day celebrations are to happen of course. Do you know what I got my Dad for Father’s Day?

The picture taken after the half marathon last month! I legit paid and bought it for him though, so it won’t have the big “PROOF” written across us. Unfortunately it still hasn’t arrived in the mail because of the mail strike.


I’ve been inspired by Amanda‘s sweet and savory creations. Since I love peanut butter on my pizza I’m thinking I would really like some strange combos.

I don’t know what I’m going to try yet, but I am hoping to try at least one interesting combination over the weekend


I went to another insane strength class this morning. When I did this class last weekend I was sore for at least 4 days. Sunday calls for rolling out the yoga mat in my room and doing some nice slow stretching. I don’t want to be limping at work again.

I’m going to make this post short and sweet, because that seems to be how this weekend has been: short and sweet.


What are you getting your Dad for Father’s Day? What have you been up to this weekend? Any suggestions for a sweet and savory combo?