It’s that time again…the wEEEkend!! Since the weekend is half over, some of this week’s E’s have already been completed. Here are the planned/done experiences, edibles, and exercise:


  • Last weekend me and my mom said we would push our manicure date to this weekend. What a great experience I’m looking forward too.
  • Catching up on reading your blogs! It’s been a busy week with birthday celebrations, and such so I have some catching up to do. I’m hoping that the sun will come out tomorrow, and I can sit on the porch with my neighbours cat, and read all your posts!


  • Last week I made some amazing savoury muffins, and I’m hoping to post the recipe/outcome real soon. The reason it’s taking so long is because I want to try and perfect them. You know what I’ll be baking this weekend.
  • Make a pizza out of the wraps I made lunch with last week.
  • I’m on a coconut craze lately. For breakfast this morning I even sprinkled it on my peanut butter toast! A switch from my Big Bowl of Breakfast habit. This weekend I’m simply going to continue satisfying this craving with more coconut.  I’m thinking a big Alligator Stew with Pina Colada protein powder and coconut sprinkled on top will be perfect! I will make it in the blender I got for my birthday.


  • Last weeks attempt at mission: try a class at the gym was an epic fail. But that doesn’t mean I was discouraged from trying again this week. And guess what?? attempt 2 was a success! I went to a ‘bootcamp’ class and it was intensely amazing. I haven’t sweated so much in ages. My muscles are going to be stronger from this class, I can already tell.
  • A nice enjoyable Sunday run is what I ‘m looking forward to tomorrow. Hopefully this will keep my muscles from stiffening up and getting too tight after Saturday’s class.
What Experiences, Edibles, and Exercise are you looking forward to (or have already done) this weeekend?