I was feeling overwhelmed yesterday with trying to write up a post and still have time to enjoy a sunny summer evening. So after being inspired by Colleen’s post on a digital diet I decided not to write a Thursday post. A little break combined with one of my favorite veggies has rejuvenated me.

That would be turnip! I love all the different ways you can eat turnip: boiled, mashed, and even baked.

Although turnip isn’t the most nutrient dense vegetable (compared to say kale) it does have lots of vitamin C and apparently even helps absorb iron (source). 

Turnip is the vegetable that will always turn my frown upside down. I know not everyone is a fan (most of my family are haters), but I have always been partial to it’s unique taste. Of course, I paired them with some sweet potatoes!

How could I not feel relaxed after a yummy plate looking like this

Dipped in greek yogurt and salsa. Now my frown has been turned upside down and I’m ready for a brand new day. On the plus side it’s Friday!


Are you a turnip fan? What is your favorite way to eat them? What is your favorite veggie?