Someone please explain to me how weekends seem to pass so much faster then regular work weeks? This calls for one of my favorite quotes:

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”
– Michael Altshuler

Although short the weekend was an enjoyable two days filled with fun. How about a recap:

Friday night started off with a regular old tofu, sheritaki, veggies stirfry. Except this one was much more exciting then any other stirfry I’ve had. The difference? It was topped with peanut flour paste. I hope the crookedness of the above photo doesn’t irritate you!

I do believe this topping will appear on top of my stir fry on another occasion.

All day Saturday I was at the rock music concert, which was a lot of fun and I got some pretty sweet photos. It was a long day and by the end of it my ears were ringing but I’m definetly glad I went and I have no regrets. I got my self a snazzy Skillet T-shirt. I don’t often wear T-shirts but there are always those days when it just seems like the only thing to pull over your head.

I woke up refreshed Sunday morning having slept in all the way to…7:30am. I desperately needed to find my younger sister Shannon a birthday present, as we were celebrating over lunch. I racked my brain for thoughtful things that she would like, but I know my sister well. And what I know is that she likes the thing that seems unthoughful: money. So that’s what I gave her, but I made her a nice card to put the cash in.

In the inside it says “Sometimes that things that seem thoughtless are actually quite thoughtful“. I think she will appreciate doing some shopping with her sisters money!

I also got a chance to spend some of my own money. Some grocery shopping:

Two new hummuses, cottage cheese, veggie burgers, veggie cheese slices, and past-the-expiry date tofu. Yup, I’ll be returning the tofu. Serves me right for not checking the date!

Three new books:

Now hopefully I will actually find a chance to read these books. Lately I have been reading WHILE I walk to work. It’s probably not the best idea regarding safety, but I just can’t resist!


What are your favorite stir fry sauces? Have you ever read Born to Run? Do you ever read and walk at the same time? Have you ever got home from the grocery store to realize you bought expired food?