There is something peculiar about how the value of leisure time evolves. Finishing up the semester has been comparable to stripping off cold wet clothes after being caught without an umbrella on a stormy fall day. On those days where you trek through rain and wind. The type of wind that leaves you chilled to the bone, and skin so cold it hurts.

Yet the point always comes where you reach home:  you change into warm pyjamas and fuzzy socks. Then you rest by the fireplace all the while sipping a hot mug of tea. As time passes your body thaws, and your skin dries out until it comes to the point where the value of the fireplace looses its extravagance.

Finishing up the term runs in parallel with the fireplace scene. In the first few days off the leisure time seems so precious that you hold on to every moment of it and feel its magical ability to relax every nerve in your body. Then as time passes, the magical feeling fades. The value of leisure time changes from being one of utmost importance to being a wallflower.

But I refuse to forget how valuable leisure time really is. I will appreciate every moment of it.

Every moment of getting my nails painted…

Every moment of Christmas shopping…

Every moment experimenting in the kitchen…

This Christmas I got an early Christmas gift, and it was the appreciation of time.


Can your relate to how the value of leisure time changes once you get more time? Salted chocolate, are you a fan? Which do you prefer: Pretzels or Chips (pretzels for me please)?