I have a two confessions: I enjoy splurging on cosmetics…

… and I enjoy applying make-up…

What is the point of me confessing this? To make those who don’t wear makeup and wear T’s feel bad? No, my point is exactly the opposite.

I don’t do these things because I believe all females should, I do these things because I enjoy them. I wanted to experiment with my security and see how I felt dolled-down.

Hypothesis: Wearing lounge wear and no makeup will not have an affect on my emotions.

Method: Spend two weekends with no make-up and wearing lounge wear.

[In between my make-up errand I munched on a transportable No bake Coconut ‘cake’]

Results: For the most part my hypothesis was correct. I didn’t even think twice about my appearance when I was leaving the house to run errands. However there were a few observations I noticed:

1. People seemed to approach me more. It could be coincidental, but I found cashiers were much more chatty and smiley. I know when I meet a new female I am much more intimidated and held-back if they are wearing make-up and nice clothes.

[1 cup puffed kamut, ¾ cup greek, chia seeds, shredded coconut, coconut extract and frozen cranberries into a container and refrigerated over night. The result was a dry spongy texture.]

2. My security was shaken a bit when it came to meeting a male. Take for instance this past Sunday. I was going to see Harry Potter with my one good friend. Five minutes before I left she texted me asking if it was okay if her male could come along. I immediately texted back ‘of course’ , but the first thing that popped into my head was “I don’t have time to put on make-up and change!”  Then I stopped and thought to myself:

“Wait why do I need to get dolled up just because there is going to be a male coming along. I know that said male and my friend may become more than friends in the future, so should I really care if I look my best. In addition going make-up free would also enhance my friends security and help build her up. And that’s exactly what friends are for.”

So I took one for the team and left for the movie make-up free. The result: a great time, and feeling fabulous.

[Tasty, but next time I’m going to add full fat coconut milk, because this no bake ‘cake’ was missing something]

Study Conclusion: I have learned a lot and grown considerably in my confidence after having a few make-up free weekends. It’s definitely something I will continue doing although I will always still enjoy digging in to my make-up drawer.

The Security Experiment: I’m curious to know how others would react to going a day with no make-up. The challenge and poll is described more here if your interested!

Feel free to save your time and instead of commenting head over to the experiment tab to fill in a poll about this topic!