It’s funny how one comes to realize something isn’t it? Sometimes the act of realization is a Eureka moment, and other times it’s a slow clearing of fog. This time it was an event that triggered me to realize a lesson about failure. Of course that event was a failed baking attempt.

And the lesson learned:

This lesson is important to me, because I am currently dealing with the fear of failure. Particularly in regard to the upcoming Half-Marathon I’ve been training for. It is in two weeks, and I fear that I will not be able to set a personal record. But I’m coming to realize that fearing failure is silly, because failure doesn’t bite (unless of course we are talking about a dog named Failure). Thus, I will be running the half-marathon with my whole heart and enjoying every minute of it without the fear of failing my personal record!


Do you ever fear failure? What was the last baking failure you had? Do you have a dog named Failure that bites? (just kidding)