Okay, I lied, sometimes I do have trouble opening up a post. Today is one of those times. Let’s just put it like this: I’m going share with you a secret, a story, and a goal all mixed in with sharing my Wednesday eats.

I have a secret: I used to like to write for no one but my self. I spent years keeping a journal and used it to recount various details of my life and reflect on what I thought I knew about the world I know. I found pleasure in spending time by my self and doing something that had absolutely no value to it. It was not making me smarter, it was not building my relationships, it was not doing chores, and it was not pleasing any one else. So what was it doing? It was pleasing me.

Had to give the garnet yam another chance. It’s official: I like the white flesh sweet potato much better

A Story: Did you know I built a time machine when I was 14? Truly I did, and I fast forwarded to when I was 30. Unfortunately not having gone through any engineering training at that age the time machine only transported my soul to a thirty year old. The rest of me stayed in my adolescence. I was a kid with no sense of fun, spontaneity, innocence, or carefree-ness. Don’t get me wrong, I never wanted to grow up, I distinctly remember wanting to cry when I became a teenager, I wanted to stay 12 forever.

I would rate this Quest bar 10/10, although I have also had the cashew coconut flavour and would only rate it a 6/10 for being way to sweet. I haven’t been using any stevia in my baking or yogurts, so on the rare occasion that I grab a protein bar I often find them too sweet for my liking.

A Goal: What is the point in all my rambling: I have a new goal of rediscovering the art of doing things for pleasure. For spending time to let go of the responsibilities and cares. To live through a child’s eyes for a small moment of the day.

You didn’t think the missing chocolate topping would last long did you?


What do you do for your own pleasure? Do you ever feel like your sold is a different age than your body? Do you ever find protein bars too sweet? What your favorite protein bar?