First of all: thank you all for the sweet comments on Saturday’s post. Each and every comment truly makes me smile, and I appreciate it so much.


Now a days I don’t often find myself slurping down one of these.

However every once and a while I decide to enjoy a can, albeit the evening bloating can cause discomfort. How do I enjoy my pop? There is only one way for me

Mixed with chilled tea.

I try to always have cold brewed tea on hand, along with a freezer full of icecubes. That way, I can make a beverage I truly enjoy.

Let’s take a little jog away from the tea for a minute. Speaking of a jog, the next topic I wanted to touch on was exercise. It’s been awhile since I’ve written about my current fitness routines and schedule. Since work started 2 months ago, I’ve finally settled into a weekly routine that works for me. Ironically the strength training plan in The New Rules of Lifting for women fits almost perfectly into my schedule and I would like to take this opportunity to lay down my current fitness routine.

Keep in mind that most weeks depending on weather/appointments/my mood this schedule gets changed or altered. Often times something gets removed. I never force myself to go for a morning run if I’m not feeling it. The reason being: I love my mornings. I don’t want to ruin the best time of the day by doing something I don’t want to do. When a day comes along and my schedule changes I try not to sweat the small stuff and instead reflect on how strong and forgiving my body truly is.

The summer sky is unbelievably beautiful, and I am always thrilled to snap a few shots of puffy white clouds

Before I let you all go back to your daily lives (if you haven’t already left) we’re going to take a quick sneak peak at a fabulous tea that appears in tomorrow’s recipe.

Yes folks, that really is coconut tea. And just incase you were wondering it really is fabulous.


Do you ever drink pop? What’s your favorite thing to drink on a hot sunny day?