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Why My Shoe is In a Chunk of Ice

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I know I did. Not only was it enjoyable, it was also productive seeing as I prepared some baked veggies for the week.


I like my veggies crispy, and there is the perfect trick for getting them just right: bake them as usual BUT when they are done, turn-off the oven and leave them in the oven until completely cooled.


It takes a lot of time, but it is totally worth it and am so glad I tried it out awhile back because I have been baking my veggies that way every since.

On the other hand something I tried that didn’t work…

…stretching my shoes by freezing them! I was once told that if you freeze your shoes in a bag of water they will be stretched after melting.

Didn’t work, in fact they seem smaller (or is it just my imagination?)

Do you like crispy veggies? Any suggestions for trying to stretch shoes?


Meant to Be

Some things were meant to be. Take for instance some of my Wednesday meals: I have discovered a trick to making extra thick smoothies. Throw in half a lemon. I don’t know if it will work if you don’t use Xanthan Gum, but I’ve consistently noticed that adding in lemon makes my alligator stews much thicker then when there is just Xanthan Gum. Strange, but true.

I’m betting a lot of people associate peanuts with sweet (peanut butter and jam, chocolate peanut butter cups ect), however peanut flour really makes a great savoury snack:

Cheesy Peanut Bread

Edible Ingredients:

  • 3 tbsp peanut flour
  • 1 tsp of Seasonings (I used Simply Organic Taco Flavouring)
  • 2 tbsp egg whites
  • 2 tbsp liquid
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder

Engineering Instructions

  • Mix everything together and stick in the microwave for 2:30min

Then of course I topped  it with cheese (I used provolone), and stuck it in the oven for a few minutes to let it melt!

Just because I opted out of the chocolate-peanut combo, doesn’t mean I opted out of the chocolate all together:

You may be disgusted to know that that is indeed Rutabaga with chocolate. Hey, I’m human, we all have our weird loves.

What was meant to be for you? Do you like peanuts as part of savoury combos, or just sweet?


An Outsider's Perspective on Halloween

We are all accustomed to the traditions of carving pumpkins, getting dressed up, and shelling out for candy. Does that mean that these traditions aren’t the least bit out of the ordinary? Think of it this way: If two aliens came to earth on Halloween night, what would they be puzzled about?

1. Carving our Food

At thanksgiving we make pumpkins into pie, and at Christmas we carve our turkey for eating purposes. But on halloween, we carve our pumpkins, put a candle in it, and place it on our porch. Not the most intuitive thing to do with a pumpkin. Did you know the original Jack-o’-lantern was apparently a turnip? (Source) I love turnip, preferably on my plate…

2. Only the kids get the candy

At least on Christmas everyone is getting gifts. What’s with only kids getting to go trick or treating on halloween night? What kind of reaction do you think you would receive if you were in your 20’s and went trick or treating?

Fine, if you won’t give me free candy I will make my own snack. Like layers of pumpkin, peanut butter, and greek yogurt.

3. People are wearing teeny tiny costumes…and it’s cold outside

At Easter you expect to see little girls wearing spring dresses, and at Christmas you expect to see snowsuits. But on Halloween you can expect to see anything at all, including bear arms in chilly night conditions! (I will admit I was one of those little girls who always wanted to dress up as a princess and not wear a sweater, pants or jacket.)


Let me be clear here: I don’t have anything against Halloween, in reality I think aliens would be confused at just about every human tradition we have here on earth. For instance having another post with a picture of oat bran…
…strangely obsessive! Another breakfast of pudding oats, this time cooked with cinnamon plum green tea, and cheesecake instant pudding.


What are some things you think are strange about halloween? What are you dressing up as for halloween?


It's All About Me

I’m sure I can’t be the only one in these parts of the web universe that has an exploding photo collection of food. There are some photos that just don’t make the cut and never end up with their 5 minutes of fame, yet they still don’t get deleted. They scream “Me Me pick me!”.

When I was tagged by the lovely Christina over at The Athletarian for the butterfly award and began answering 12 questions about me, I thought of all the lonely photos that never got an “all about me” moment. So here we go, this post is all about me!


Name your favourite colour: Green

Name your favourite song: I could never choose just one. Some of my favourite bands are Shinedown, Demon Hunter, Anberlin, and Switchfoot though!

Name your favorite dessert: Anything lemon flavored: lemon poppy seed cake, lemon meringue pie, lemon pudding, lemon cheesecake…you get the idea!

What wizzes you off: Chewing like a cow. Unfortunately all my siblings learned horrible chomping habits from my dad. It sounds like they constantly have peanut butter stuck on the top of there mouth.

When your upset you: Get really quiet. Then I go for a run with really loud music, and sometimes sing out loud. Sometimes I even cry, but more often then not the water works just don’t come for me.

Your favorite pet: Your asking me to choose? Nope, I don’t play favorites with my kids

{Big Bowl of Breakfast}

Back or white: I like wearing white, it makes me look more tanned.

Your biggest fear: Forgetting what matters most. I have a big fear of the unknown and chaos, but I know I can overcome all other fears if I remember what truly matters.

Best Feature: My blue eyes. I also have a thing for my back, I kind of really like it. No shame!

Everyday attitude: I appear calm on the outside, but my inner being is on fire with feelings and emotions. Just because I look calm doesn’t mean I’m not excited or scared.

What is perfection: God. But then the question is what is God? God is love. God is hope. God is grace. God is strength. God is forgiveness.

Guilty Pleasure: Cranking my music up and dancing while I’m preparing dinner. I legit have a playlist titled “Dinner Dancing”

Now it’s tagging time:

So ta-ta for now (see the initials of the girls tagged?…they spell ta-ta!)


Do tears come easily for you? Do you let your feelings show?