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High Fiber Whole Wheat Cinnamon Bread

Introductions can be awkward, they can be hard, and they can be the deciding factor in many relationships due to the importance of first impressions. I won’t try to pretend that introducing a recipe is any easier. In fact, it is more difficult to introduce a baked good than it is a person.

I can’t very well say “Sally Reader meet my friend Mr. Baked Good. I met him the other day over breakfast”.

However it comes out, I would like to introduce you to Mr. High Fiber Whole Wheat Cinnamon bread. And although I did meet him over breakfast the other day, what I really want to tell you is that he is a high fiber, single serving, microwaveable breakfast recipe. What more could you need to know?


High Fiber Whole Wheat Cinnamon Bread

Ingredients: Instructions
•3 tbsp whole grain flour

•1/2 tsp yeast

•3 tbsp warm water

•1 tbsp coconut flour

•1 tbsp psyllium husk

•1/4 tsp baking soda

•1/4 tsp baking powder

•2 tbsp egg whites (about 1 egg)

•2 tbsp pureed pumpkin

•1 tbsp almond milk

•1 tbsp tea/water

•1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
•cinnamon, dash of salt, vanilla extract, desired sweetener
1)Mix whole wheat flour, yeast, and warm water and let sit over night.

2) In the morning add the remaining dry ingredients, mix well.

3) Add the wet ingredients, adding the apple cider vinegar last.

4) Microwave for 4 minutes flip, microwave for 2 minutes on a reduced power setting

5) Slice, toast, and top!

Category Mark Comments Overall Grade


A little bit of preparation due to letting the yeast flour mixture sit overnight, but it gives the load a real bready taste and is totally worth the effort.




Not typically as high protein as many of my recipes, but I made this the day after my half marathon when I was still craving carbs. The stats are approx: 24g carbs, 1g fat, 9g protein


This is not meant to be a cake or I would have added something sweet and something oily. This recipe is a cinnamon bread recipe and taste exactly that way. The yeasty taste surprisingly reminded me a bit of doughnuts too!


Your microwave will cook this differently depending on what size dish you use. A smaller dish may leave the center very moist.
General Comments:
I’ve been on a toasting spree and have been toasting almost everything. This cinnamon bread toasts up perfectly leaving the edges nice and crispy and a perfect base for butter.

Now, I will try never to personify my edibles again. Although I must say if makes like much more fun :)


For real, do you find introductions with people difficult or stressful?


Maple Pumpkin Pie Bread

I can’t pretend to be immune to the explosion of pumpkin everywhere I turn. Pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin oatmeal, pumpkin smoothies, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin bread. So how about some pumpkin pie bread?

Maple Pumpkin Pie Bread


Maple Pumpkin Pie Bread

Ingredients: Instructions
•1/2 cup coconut flour

•1/2 cup vanilla casein protein powder

•1/2 cup unsweetened whey protein powder

•1 tbsp cinnamon

•1 tsp all spice

•1 tsp baking soda

•1 tsp baking powder

•1/4 tsp cream of tartar

•1 tbsp coconut oil•3/4 cup egg whites•1/2 cup cottage cheese•1 cup cold cinnamon chai tea (or water)•3/4 cup canned pumpkin
•dash of salt, maple extract


1)Mix all dry ingredients, then add coconut oil and mix.2)Add in cottage cheese, and pumpkin mix well3)Add in egg whites and beat on high speed4) Slowly add in tea/water (cold) while continuing mixing (can reduce speed while adding). Continue mixing on high speed for approx. 3 min.5) Bake in 400 deg F oven for 40 min.


Category Mark Comments Overall Grade


Although the recipe preparation is quite easy, there are quite a few ingredients in this recipe, and the baking time is a bit long.




This recipe is like a protein bar is breakfast bread form. One serving has only 15 grams of protein, 8 grams of fat, and only 5 grams of carbohydrates.




The texture is mostly bread like but it has quite a bit of moisture, so it reminds me of pumpkin eye. It is a bit crumbly if you try to cut it in half (which I do to spread on nut butter)
General Comments:
Makes 8 servings. Keeps in fridge for 5 days, freezes and thawed great. (I am still working on a batch from 2 weeks ago and they still taste freshly baked after being thawed.


Maple Pumpkin Pie Loaf


What is your favorite fusion of two desserts into one dessert? Cookie dough icecream is pretty high up there for me!


A Very Boring Title: Pancakes and Fruit

I’ve never been a good pancake maker. I used to bookmark all sorts of pancake recipes, but then I could never make them because they would burn. So last year my solution to that problem was to make oven pancakes. This year my solution to that problem, was more oil in the pan and patience!

Snack size pancake

It is true my friends, I have finally conquered the art of making pancakes. I know a lot of other people don’t struggle with making pancakes, but still it.is.an.art.

Since I wasn’t sure if the experiment was going to turn out, I made a very small recipe. I didn’t want to end up wasting ingredients since I am cheap frugal.

Since the recipe didn’t make very much chocolate and fruit became an addition to this snack size pancake, because really who doesn’t love fruit. I hate those magazines that say we should limit our fruit intake to 2 a day because they are high sugar.

The only fruit I don’t love is banana, but recently frozen banana and I have become quite close. So here we are with a snacky-size portioned pancakes. Perfect for the times when you have multiple cravings and want your pancakes, chocolate, and fruit.

aple cider vinigar, peanut flour, protein powder, egg whites, pancakes, snacksize Notes: This recipe doesn’t have any added sweetener to it because I find the peanut flour makes it sweet enough. If you are used to sweetened baking you will definitely need to add some. I used 1/2 a tsp of coconut oil in the pan. For the liquid I used almond breeze, but I made these another time with cooled tea, both worked great.


Do you have struggles making pancakes? What is your favourite pancake recipe? (feel free to link) You love fruit right?


Take Your Pick

Thank you all for your suggestions on dealing with this period of not wanting to cook. It is great to know I am not alone! Since time is of the essence, I am going to keep this weekends post short, and just share one of my favourite microwave snack recipes: flax bread.

The great thing about this recipe, is that it can be made sweet or savoury.

Savoury add ins: Curry, tumeric, mansala, salt. I use unsweetened protein powder, and Fired Up Fennel for the liquid.

Favourite toppings: goats cheese, and ketchup!

“Sweet” add ins: cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, pumpkin, extracts, or subbing unsweetened protein powder for sweetened protein powder. My favourite combination is cinnamon, waffle flavour drops, and Creme Brulee tea for the liquid.

Favourite Topping: Peanut Cream Cheese Icing

So there you have it: a fast, versatile, and high protein microwaveable snack! Now, if you will excuse me I am off to enjoy the weekend weather before any of these roll in:

Although, if I were to be honest, I don’t mind the odd summer storm that brings in the humidity. It just makes the air smell so…good?!


Do you like storms?


WIAW: Edibles after Edibles

The past few weeks my WIAW have been focussed on writing/content and less focused on the actual edibles. This week I am going to focus more on the edibles and less on the words.

Do note that these pictures are not all from the same day, but represent some typical daily eats. I am no good at remembering to take a picture of every meal/snack from one day! Plus, who wants to see three different apples pictured, because that’s how many I have on a typical day!


Recently I had a huge craving for rice crispies, so I mixed it in with greek yogurt, and let it sit while I enjoyed my fruit (grapefruit, cranberries, strawberries), and egg.

After sitting for a while the yogurt was really thick, and had bubbles! Amazing, so glad I tried this.


P28 high protein bread, with peanut flour tahini. I love using 1 tbsp peanut flour, 1/2 tbsp tahini, 1 tbsp liquid and spreading it on my toast/bread. I’m not 100% sold on the bread though, it has a very familiar distinct taste I can’t quite put my finger on.


Salad, with almond meal dressing and a buried hard boiled egg. There is that book again (just finished an on to another).


Some confused snickerdoodles


I ate half of this before snapping a picture. I will definitely be making this more often. It’s boiled cabbage layered with shredded sharp cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, and salsa. A lot of people don’t like cabbage, but it has always been one of my favourite vegetables.


A new favourite popcorn topping I like to call Toasted-Salted-Cinnamon (toasted because I always burn my popcorn).

What flavour do you like on your popcorn? Do you like cabbage?


In Denial

I find flossing my teeth to be an extremely relaxing pastime. Uncommon? Perhaps, but you know what I find even MORE relaxing than flossing? Denial. Ignorance is bliss. Definitely not a lesson I would teach my children, but true none the less.

I will share some of the things I am in denial about over some recent edibles:

I deny the fact that there is any such thing as “The End”. Fairy tales are an exception.

Who said breakfast can’t resemble a snacky like meal? Snack plates can be fun!

I deny the fact that in 36 hours my undergraduate studies will have ended (see above: there is no such thing as the end, and my undergraduate experience does not meet the fairy tale exception. It was missing the fairy godmother, 7 dwarfs, and knight in shining armour).

I deny the fact that I am the classic nerd that enjoys being studious.

Alligator Stews never get old

I deny the fact that I every neuron in my brain wants to rewind time.

I deny the fact that I do not know what I will be doing in 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years.

My first time trying Brie cheese. I must say I wasn’t thrilled. I definitely prefer a stronger cheese!

I deny the fact things are changing.

I deny the fact that I’m on to a new chapter of my life.

Some more “hamburger” bun, with veggie toppings this time

I deny the fact that I should be studying for my last two exams rather than writing this post!


What are you in denial about? Do you like brie? Do you ever have a “snack-plate” for breakfast?


A Half Baked WIAW

By “half-baked” I don’t mean the food is half baked. I mean my effort is “half-baked”, but only because I’ve been skimping on the photography! So if you think of this post as a recipe, consider it one in which the ingredients were skimped on, and the cooking time was rushed.

I haven’t been having alligator stews near as much as I was in the summer, but that just makes them all the better when I do enjoy them:

Nothing new here, other than the dressing is a combination of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salsa, horseradish, and turmeric powder:

And last but not least:

To be honest, Starbucks is overrated in my opinion. The company sucked me in with the new rewards program (I’m a sucker for rewards programs), but I don’t truly find there drinks that phenomenal. The only reason I pay for them is so that I can use their tables and study in an atmosphere other than my house or library. But with the price they are charging they are really stealing our bucks ($$) . I’m thinking a renaming to Stealbucks would be more appropriate?


What do you think about Starbucks? What is your favourite type of dressing?


Long Term Favourites

Do you remember what your favourite flavours were as a child? This week for WIAW I enjoyed some flavours that I have loved since childhood!


A big Alligator Stew for breakfast made with cold lemon tea, and lemon extract. I’ve been over this before, so sorry to sound like a broken record but I love lemons, and used to eat them like the other kids ate oranges.


A perfect flying saucer snack but subbing the cocoa powder for cinnamon

Tomatoes & Cheese:

I used to always cut tomato into my Kraft Dinner (Mac’n Cheese).  My lunch was a combination of tuna, melted laughing cow, tomatoes, and kelp noodles.

Salt & Vinegar:

My favorite flavour of chips has always been salt and vinegar, and I prefer to dip my fries in vinegar over ketchup. Todays snack was baked salt & vinegar shrimp and cabbage. Baked cabbage may sound weird (I was running low on other vegetable options) but it turned out fantastic!

Cottage Cheese:

I don’t know many 3 year olds that liked cottage cheese, but I was one of them!

My apologies to all you sweet tooth lovers, today’s WIAW has been rather savoury. (NOTE: My day included apples and munchies)


What were your favourite flavours as a child? Are the majority of your meals sweet or savoury?


A Mystery Revealed

How a week manages to fly by so fast without getting a speeding ticket never ceases to amaze me. But rather then boring you with my weak attempt at being clever (speeding ticket…get it?) I will reveal my mystery snack from yesterday.

I was browsing the grocery store a while back when I impulsively decided to buy a box of Weetabix.

Being ready for a new snack I opened them up only to be slightly disappointed.

They were hard, crumbly, and rather boring. I had no idea what to do with them, other then soak them in milk.

I put on my thinking cap, and ended up with something that satisfies a doughy, chewy craving

Egged Weetabix

Edible Ingredients

  • 1 weetabix
  • 1/4 cup of eggwhites
  • cinnamon

Engineering Instructions

  1. Soak the weetabix in the egg white until all the egg whites are completely absorbed  (around 5 minutes)
  2. Microwave for 2 min
  3. Top with whatever you want, OR dip in whatever you want. Of course you can also top AND dip with whatever you want. (Try topped with laughing cow and dipped in peanut flour sauce)

So there you have it, the answer to my mystery snack.
Have you ever have Weetabix? What is your favourite thing to put cinnamon on? What was the last product that you were INITIALLY disappointed with?

An Outsider's Perspective on Halloween

We are all accustomed to the traditions of carving pumpkins, getting dressed up, and shelling out for candy. Does that mean that these traditions aren’t the least bit out of the ordinary? Think of it this way: If two aliens came to earth on Halloween night, what would they be puzzled about?

1. Carving our Food

At thanksgiving we make pumpkins into pie, and at Christmas we carve our turkey for eating purposes. But on halloween, we carve our pumpkins, put a candle in it, and place it on our porch. Not the most intuitive thing to do with a pumpkin. Did you know the original Jack-o’-lantern was apparently a turnip? (Source) I love turnip, preferably on my plate…

2. Only the kids get the candy

At least on Christmas everyone is getting gifts. What’s with only kids getting to go trick or treating on halloween night? What kind of reaction do you think you would receive if you were in your 20’s and went trick or treating?

Fine, if you won’t give me free candy I will make my own snack. Like layers of pumpkin, peanut butter, and greek yogurt.

3. People are wearing teeny tiny costumes…and it’s cold outside

At Easter you expect to see little girls wearing spring dresses, and at Christmas you expect to see snowsuits. But on Halloween you can expect to see anything at all, including bear arms in chilly night conditions! (I will admit I was one of those little girls who always wanted to dress up as a princess and not wear a sweater, pants or jacket.)


Let me be clear here: I don’t have anything against Halloween, in reality I think aliens would be confused at just about every human tradition we have here on earth. For instance having another post with a picture of oat bran…
…strangely obsessive! Another breakfast of pudding oats, this time cooked with cinnamon plum green tea, and cheesecake instant pudding.


What are some things you think are strange about halloween? What are you dressing up as for halloween?