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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pancakes – with timing talk

Last summer I would fit my workout in the morning before going to work. Due to schedule changes I now save my WORKouts for after WORK, which means I have a little extra time in the morning. I’ve got to admit I miss running into the sunrise (dodging commuters on busy sidewalks just doesn’t compete), but one of the advantages in enough morning time to make…

berry mochi pancakes

…pancakes for breakfast. The thing I love about pancakes is that they are so versatile. One day you can throw in teff flour, another day you can throw in spelt. It means lots of options and variations to always keep me on my toes (see I even get a little calf workout in the morning).

I know the strawberries aren’t technically chocolate covered, but they are still layered in chocolate. When you get a bite of chocolate pancake with the strawberry it taste just like a chocolate covered strawberry.

chocolate covered strawberry pancakes

Ingredients: Instructions
•2 tbsp chocolate casein protein powder
•2 tbsp black bean flour
•2 tbsp coconut flour
•1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
•3/4 cup canned pumpkin (or mashed banana)
•1/2 cup cold Strawberry Cream  tea
•1/4 cup egg whites
•1/4 tsp stevia (or sweetener of choice)
•1/4 tsp baking powder
•1/4 tsp baking soda
•1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
•1/4 tsp vanilla extract

1)Mix all dry ingredients

2)Add pumpkin mix well

3)Add egg whites, mix. Add other liquids (except ACV) mix. 

4)Turn heat on frying pan while it warms up add apple cider vinegar and mix. Begin making your pancakes once the frying pan is warm enough.

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These pancakes aren’t super thick so cook up rather quickly.




The stats are approx: 200cal (25g carbs/3g fat/20g protein)


Strawberries and chocolate is such an exquisite combination. The Teavana Strawberry cream adds a great strawberry taste.



The picture above showcases the texture better then I can describe it but I will still attempt: dense but not overly moist.

General Comments:
Makes 14 small pancakes

The other great thing about having more time in the morning is that I find breakfast to be less rushed and more thoroughly enjoyed. This leaves me more satisfied throughout the day so I never have to get to that state where you want to chew off your arm.

Since today is Wednesday I figured I would share some of the other daily eats in a WIAW collage:

2014-06-24 19.39.29

Top left: evening snack of chocolate cookies.
Top right: afternoon snack of almonds and pumpkin seeds in melted chocolate and coconut
Bottom left: dinner stir fry with cabbage, canned tomatoes, coconut oil, an egg, mashed avocado and topped with feta (one of those weird but good combinations).
Bottom right: lunch salad (spinach, ground chicken, cottage cheese, and nutritional yeast) with a basic protein bread


Do you work out in the morning or evening? What is your favorite chocolate flavor combination?


Quinoa Breakfast Bowl – with fruit talk

Don’t worry readers: I know I haven’t posted in over 1.5 weeks, but I do not plan on disappearing. I was just starting to get back into a regular blogging schedule, when BHAM: I got busy with life. Between socializing, working, and just plain living my blogging has taken a tole. The only remedy: jumping right back in with a recipe!

Breakfast recipes are always handy since in the morning my creative juices aren’t quite flowing (although my stomach juices always are).

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Ingredients: Instructions
•1/4 cup black quinoa

•1/2 cold tea (I used herbal apple flavoured)

•1/4 cup almond milk

•1 tbsp peanut flour

•1 tbsp coconut flour

•1/2 cup mashed pumpkin

•1 tbsp protein powder


•Vanilla Extract

1)Rinse quinoa. Add almond milk, quinoa and brewed tea to a pot and heat on medium heat.

2)Let cook (~15 minutes).

3)When approximately half the liquid has been absorbed add the peanut flour, pumpkin puree, coconut flour, and protein powder.

4)Let simmer on low heat until all liquid absorbed

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All done in one pot, which is convenient. It takes a bit longer than I prefer to spend making breakfast.




Quinoa is apparently good for you, didn’t you know?


 I enjoyed the taste of the quinoa in this breakfast bowl. It definitely gives some variety to a regular bowl of oats.


I like that this breakfast dish has a bit more of a crunch compared to oatbran or oatmeal.
General Comments:
I threw in a few chocolate chips. To make it a little more of a well rounded breakfast.

I found myself desiring a slightly sweeter dish, so I added some strawberries. Fruit is my go to for making a dish sweeter. I take that back. Fruit is my go to for just about anything.

In fact the whole fruit thing may be a point of discussion seeing as I have copious amounts in the mornings (and nights to be genuine). For proof I took a picture of the fruit I had along side the quinoa breakfast bowl.

That is a full size plate. I put a marker in the photo to give you all some perspective. In case you can’t tell, that is quite a bit of fruit. Some people may be scared of the sugar content in fruit but clearly that’s not me. I rarely cut back on fruit, it is definitely my favourite carbohydrate! (Okay, maybe tied with bread…) For the record I can’t say I have every observed any weight gain from excessive fruit eating.


Have you ever had quinoa in a sweet recipe? Are you ever worried about the sugar content in fruit?


A Basic WIAW – with thoughts on growing older

Last week I missed WIAW so this week I have twice as much to say (Yes, that really does rhythm). Lately my eats have been rather basic without much creativity, minus the fried fluff (see below) that stuff was fun. Throughout this post I am going to share more than just a few typical eats, I am also going to share three things I find inconvenient about growing up. There are so many things adults can no longer get away with.

1. No longer having anyone to make me meals or do my groceries.

As much as I love experimenting with recipes and browsing the grocery store, there are just some morning when I would love to have breakfast made for me. Instead I have to throw together something last minute:

Breakfast: Cereal bowl topped with frozen watermelon and grapefruit. In the bottom was puffed quinoa, cheerios, greek yogurt, protein powder and almond milk.

Breakfast: Frying protein fluff! Tastes like roasted marshmallows. 

It is as simple as taking the original protein fluff recipe and dropping in onto the pan. Then cook just as you would a pancake!

2. No longer being able to pick up new interests and hobbies as quickly as when you were young.

When you are a kid you can pick up new hobbies and interests at any time. As an adult if you all of a sudden become interested in something eyebrows are raised as to your motives behind the new hobbies.

 Cucumber and Fava Beans. I have been loving Fava beans lately. Most likely because they have been fresh. Seriously fresh beans are a whole different species than canned! 

Dinner on the Go: Chicken wrap with cream cheese, spinach and tomato.

3. No longer being able to make insignificant decisions

When you are young most decisions will not affect your life in the grand scheme of things. Looking back even the decisions that were so torturously stressful were not life impacting. Now I have to make decisions that completely close doors and will affect my life greatly.

I was never the kid that was eager to grow up. In fact I remember the night before my thirteenth birthday lying in bed feeling like I was about to throw up out of apprehension of becoming a teen. Although this all sounds rather depressing I am not by any means trying to be a downer. I have really come to terms with growing up and am actually completely happy with being the age I currently am. It helps to be able to reflect on some of the disadvantages of being older though.


 Were you a kid that always wanted to grow up?  Have you had fresh Fava beans before? What negatives do you find about being older?


4 Ingredient Breakfast Chocolate Cake

Thanks to healthy living and recipe blogs, it is no longer unusual to hear the words breakfast and chocolate in the same sentence. For me breakfast means multiple things, one of those things being quiet time. Although I like to spend time to prepare my breakfast I can’t always afford to. If breakfast prep is going to cut into one of my only times for solitude, then breakfast prep must be cut.

It is for these crunched mornings when a 4-ingredient recipe allows me to keep a delicious breakfast AND my time of solitude.


4-ingredient Breakfast Chocolate Cake

Ingredients: Instructions
•1 tbsp peanut flour

•1 tbsp cocoa powder

•2 tbsp egg whites (about 1 egg)

•2 tbsp pureed pumpkin

1)Mix all ingredients
2)Microwave for 2 minutes. Flip. Microwave for 1 minute
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Fast and easy.




4g carbs, 4g fat, 8g protein


The chocolate really stands out because there are so few ingredients in this recipe. If you are a chocolate lover you will love this. Most, if not all, will want to add a sweetener to this


Two words describe the texture of this cake perfectly: dense and fudgy!
General Comments:
Cooking time will depend on the size of the bowl you use. I used a bowl that had a circumference about the size of my palm.

The cocoa powder I used (from a bulk store) had a 22-24% fat content, which is higher than most commercial cocoa powders.


When do you get your time of solitude?


Starting the Week Off Right

What better way to start off the week than with some inspiration (in addition to a warm cup of coffee, and a delicious “sport loaf”)

Last year each day I would take time to search through my bible and find a verse that I found particularly applicable to that day. I wrote down the verse in a mini moleskin notebook, and this year each day I read what verse I wrote down the year before. I found it a great way to not only reflect on my day, but also to listen to what verses God wanted to point out to me.

“Sport Loaf” bread with smoked salmon cream cheese

This year instead of choosing a verse each day, I have been spending time to read inspirational Christian non-fiction. I am loving how this commitment has helped my relationship with God to grow this year. However, I am missing the daily verse search.

Yeah, I am not sure what makes it a “sport” loaf either…BUT it is delicious. Very dense and flavourful, not fluffy like sandwich bread.

Thus I have decided that I am going to do a weekly verse search, and on top of that…memorize it. This weeks verse is Psalm 37:3, since I really need to work on trusting, rather than planning and fearing the future.

The best thing is how simple the ingredient list is! I recognize everything on it. It was a great addition to my breakfast egg, greek yoghurt and fruit.


Do you like fluffy bread (like sandwich bread) or dense bread (like pumpernickel)? Is there a particular verse you have been reflecting on recently?


Adjusting to the Working World

I have officially survived my first full week of work. Along with the business came a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts regarding where I am headed in my life and what I am striving to accomplish. Today I would like to list out some of things I am not liking about the working world, and some things I am liking about the working world.

Things I am not liking:

1) Having to settle for portable snacks instead of my favourite meals.

Because let’s be real: there is no way this alligator stew is going to make it to work.
Thank fully I am fully supplied with quest bars.

If I didn’t know this was a smoothie, I would be convinced it was something else…look how thick!

Cinnamon Roll quest bar. Better than Coconut Cashew, and strawberry cheesecake, but worse than lemon cream pie, and peanut butter chocolate.

2) Long hours with little variety in my day.

Compared to school where I am constantly working on a different assignment, attending a different lecture, or studying for a different test my work days seem pretty long. My work day is 9.5 hours, so it is taking some adjusting to get used to sitting for so long. This means that by the time I get home I miss my favourite time of the day (the sunny time), and miss out on running with my favourite creatures:

I told you I had a special connection with butterflies. They really like posing for my camera. In fact this one is the same type as butterfly #2 from last time!


Things I am liking:

1) Having the morning, evenings, and weekends to my self.

It still feels unreal to not have any work to do once I get home or on Saturdays. Instead I get to make microwave cookies and read on the porch.

This is a great book, if you liked The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls, then I would definitely recommend Up from the Blue By: Susan Henderson. One of my favourite quotes from the book: “Sometimes what you fear, what you spend all your energy avoiding or pushing down, is not as terrifying as you thought” Check out some of my favourite quotes from the book here.

2) Being able to enjoy breakfast with my notebooks

I am quite enjoying spending some time with encouraging words, and toying with old hobbies.

Oatmeal breakfast with my “Everyday Notebook”. During the semester I write down everything I learned the day before. Now that I am not in school I use it to write down quotes, glue in inspiring photos, glue in fun brain teasers, and quick sketches.

Quote from the book Plan B by Paul Wilson and a sketch of…Can you guess? Hint: Pixar Movie

I would definitely say I am still not entirely adjusted. The hard part is knowing that this is NOT a summer job. It isn’t “four months on this schedule, then back to school”, it’s more like “this is it”.
What are your plans for the weekend? How do you adjust to change? What are some hobbies you like to do when you suddenly have more time to yourself?


The Art of Doing Things for Pleasure

Okay, I lied, sometimes I do have trouble opening up a post. Today is one of those times. Let’s just put it like this: I’m going share with you a secret, a story, and a goal all mixed in with sharing my Wednesday eats.

I have a secret: I used to like to write for no one but my self. I spent years keeping a journal and used it to recount various details of my life and reflect on what I thought I knew about the world I know. I found pleasure in spending time by my self and doing something that had absolutely no value to it. It was not making me smarter, it was not building my relationships, it was not doing chores, and it was not pleasing any one else. So what was it doing? It was pleasing me.

Had to give the garnet yam another chance. It’s official: I like the white flesh sweet potato much better

A Story: Did you know I built a time machine when I was 14? Truly I did, and I fast forwarded to when I was 30. Unfortunately not having gone through any engineering training at that age the time machine only transported my soul to a thirty year old. The rest of me stayed in my adolescence. I was a kid with no sense of fun, spontaneity, innocence, or carefree-ness. Don’t get me wrong, I never wanted to grow up, I distinctly remember wanting to cry when I became a teenager, I wanted to stay 12 forever.

I would rate this Quest bar 10/10, although I have also had the cashew coconut flavour and would only rate it a 6/10 for being way to sweet. I haven’t been using any stevia in my baking or yogurts, so on the rare occasion that I grab a protein bar I often find them too sweet for my liking.

A Goal: What is the point in all my rambling: I have a new goal of rediscovering the art of doing things for pleasure. For spending time to let go of the responsibilities and cares. To live through a child’s eyes for a small moment of the day.

You didn’t think the missing chocolate topping would last long did you?


What do you do for your own pleasure? Do you ever feel like your sold is a different age than your body? Do you ever find protein bars too sweet? What your favorite protein bar?


A Definetly Delisious and Voluptuous Oatbran Trick

I have a few confessions to make…

  • I can’t spell definetly
  • I can’t spell sandwhich
  • I can’t spell delisious
  •  I take all my photos on my Blackberry Torch
  • When I read/write that something is voluminous…I read/write voluptuous! Oops

Honestly I make those spelling mistakes EVERY TIME, I never learn. In lieu of those confessions I’ve decided to share my voluptuous oat bran trick, that is definetly delisious!

**NOTE: Hover over photos for extra captions, although most are self explanatory**

When I first started making oat bran, I was using Katie’s Voluminous oat trick but I soon learned a few chia and egg white tricks of my own to add to Katie’s wonderful discovery.

  • mix ⅓ oatbran, stevia packet, dash of salt and ¼ cup egg whites. Stir well

  • add 1.5 cup almond breeze or other liquid, add tablespoon of chia seeds mix well. mix well
  • let sit for at least 5 minutes. This is important I’ve found

  • microwave for 2 minutes
  • stir, microwave for 1 minute
  • let sit in microwave for 5 minutes

  • Let sit uncovered overnight
I’ve found significant consistency differences if I switch up the order of the eggwhites/chia seed addition. And I’ve found ENORMOUS differences if I’m inpatient and don’t let the chia sit before microwaving. Usually I clean up while I’m waiting, or pack my lunch. That way I don’t feel like I’m wasting time.

I always dress my oat bran up, because oats aren’t meant to be naked in my kitchen.

I almost always top my oatmeal with the same thing: a layer of greek yogurt, and a layer of runny peanut flour sauce. Of course I always enjoy my oatbran bowls with a big side of fruit, and hot mug of coffee. Because my morning would just not be complete without.

I’m pretty sure oat eaters have all adapted their OWN method for making oats just the way they like THEY like them. But I figured I would post my method just in case there is someone out there who hasn’t discovered the awesomeness of oats! I always use it to make my oat bran or rolled spelt, and I’m never disappointed with the outcome.


Do you have a set way you always make your oats, or do you change it all the time? What type of oats do you prefer? (oat bran, rolled, steal cut…the possibilities are endless)


Weeekend E's: Running Update

Yesterday marked my fourth month since I started blogging, and I just wanted to acknowledge how much I have enjoyed it! I appreciate all of your comments on my posts and I love the blogging community. You guys all rock! Now it’s time to get to…


The heat wave it seems we’ve all been having is expected to cool down a little bit. I won’t complain because I would prefer a heat wave over a cold wave, but last Thursday’s ‘Feels Like” temperature being 120F was pretty darn hot.                                                                          

For the weekend  I’ll be expecting to experience a little more of this type of lounging…


So far this morning I’ve already ate an incredible oat bran combination, Peanut Butter Chocolate Molten:

Oat bran, almond breeze, eggwhites, cocoa powder, peanut flour, vanilla cupcake flavor drops. Topped with greek yogurt mixed with more cocoa powder and drizzled with runny peanut flour paste


It’s been a while since I’ve posted my Nike+ running miles, so this chart pretty much sums up the month of July so far:

See those two recent peaks? Those are when I run with my dad which are always my favorite runs. My Dad has been running for a long time and has done several marathons and he has never had a running injury. So when I run with him I follow his every move: his pace, his posture, his stride. It’s amazing how great it feels to be in sync with another runner.


How long have you been blogging for? Do you ever go running with someone else? What have you been up to this weekend?