I really enjoyed taking part in WIAW last week with documenting a true full day of eats, but this week I am getting back to a recipe.

Before we get to the recipe I thought it might be useful to give you a little background on what exactly sticky rice flour is. There are several info-graphics that explain rice types…

finding the right rice

 …yet I haven’t found one that portrays glutinous rice which is what is used to make sticky rice flour also known as glutinous rice flour, mochiko or sweet rice flour.

savory sticky rice pancakes

Ingredients: Instructions
•1.5 tbsp unsweetened whey protein powder
•1.5 tbsp glutinous rice flour
•2 tbsp egg whites
•1/4 cup chopped spinach and zucchini
•dash of salt
•garlic powder, dill, basil
•1/4 tsp baking soda
•1/4 tsp baking powder
•1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1)Mix all dry ingredients. Add greek yogurt, mix well.

2)Add egg whites, mix well.

3)Add chopped spinach and zucchini, mix well.

4)Add Apple cider vinegar, mix well. Let sit for at least 1 minutes

5) Pan-cake making time

Category Mark Comments Overall Grade


These pancakes were not only quick to cook but also quick to prepare since there aren’t too many ingredients




The recipe makes 4 cakes. The whole recipe is ~115cal (10 g carbs/0 g fat/ 13 g protein). The only reason I am giving this recipe a slightly lower mark in this category is because there isn’t any healthy fats (although that can obviously be rectified with your choice of topping)


I really enjoyed the taste, but I can’t quite say I would be able to differentiate the taste of this rice flour over another rice flour


The texture of this pancake was altered from using sticky rice flour and I love it. Slightly moist on the inside (check out the last photo) with a firm outside.
General Comments: I topped mine with hummus, lettuce and tomato.

Sticky rice flour is what is used to make steamed buns, mochi and a whole plethora of other international delicacies (check out wikipedia’s list). Since self-serve frozen yogurt is still quite a fad I am sure you all know what mochi is (but if not wikipedia does a charm at explaining it).

Don’t be fooled by thinking sweet rice flour is actually sweet. Despite the name and it’s use in sweet desserts., it has a very neutral taste to it. There is however a difference compared to regular rice flour since glutinous rice flour is higher in starch (no amylose but higher amylopectin). This property makes it an excellent binding agent (hence the name sticky).


What rice flours have you used? Have you heard of mochi or tried it on your frozen yogurt? Have you ever made anything with sticky rice flour?

Additional Sources for you to check out: glutinous rice, what’s the difference, Bob’s Red Mill sweet rice flour