Lately our culture has been fixating on all sorts of grains like quinoa or wheat berries. Long ago I jumped right on that bandwagon seeing as I am not a fan of rice or pasta. Before being introduced to new grains my main source of carbohydrates were coming from fruit, bread and potatoes. Nothing wrong with that because I love all three, but having more options has definitely added some spice to my life.

One of my favourite grains to have now is kasha, which is nothing more than toasted buckwheat (but it tastes like so much more).

paprika kasha

Ingredients: Instructions
•3 tbsp kasha (toasted buckwheat)
•2 tbsp TVP
•1 cup water or soup stock
•2/3 cup canned tomatoes
•3/4 cup chopped cabbage
•1/4 tsp salt
•1 tsp smoked paprika
•garlic – to taste
•basil – to taste

1)To a sauce pot add all ingredients except for cabbage and mushrooms.

2)Turn on medium heat for 5 min.

3)Add cabbage and mushrooms

4)Cook for approximately 10 minutes on medium heat or until vegetables are cooked through.

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Compared to cooking rice this recipe is relatively quick! I find the prep takes me around 3 minutes, and the cooking around 12 minutes.




Not very high in protein, but it makes a perfect side dish to a chicken breast or fish fillet. The stats are approx: 220cal (39g carbs/1g fat/17g protein)


If you have had kasha before you will know that it has a very distinct flavour. This nutty hint really flavours the rest of the ingredients and the smoked paprika adds a fantastic punch.



I’m not normally a fan of mushy entrees but this meal is an exception. I love the texture because there is still something to chew on yet still has the ‘mashed-potato-comfort’ feeling.

General Comments:
I love this so much I make it at least once a week and have tried various spices. Try subbing the paprika for curry if you want to try something else!

Kasha is more well known in Russian cuisine and Jewish culture, but is often eaten as a porridge

If I haven’t convinced you to try kasha yet maybe the healthy benefits will.
• High in Rutin (a flavonoid which can prevent blood clotting)
• High in Magnesium (a mineral which can lower blood pressure)
• Free of Gluten (a glue which paste your intestines together so nothing moves through. Just kidding, it’s only a protein that some people can’t tolerate)


Have you ever had kasha? Do you like mushy entrees?