I’m sure you all know what day it is today… It’s WIAW

Pre-Run Fuel

I went for an early A.M run this morning, but before heading out the door I gobbled down an apple while catching up on the wonderful world of magazines. I wish I could stomach more before my morning runs, but I don’t have much time before work so I’m hitting the pavement in less than 10 minutes after my pre-run snack. I’ve tried having something more dense like an energy bar, but it just seems to form a ball in my stomach if I run that soon after eating it. The only thing that seems to digest fast enough is an apple. In the words of Amanda @ Running with Spoons “La boo”! (I catch myself saying that all the time now)

 Combination Breakfast/Post Workout:

This may look like the same old alligator stew but don’t be fooled, it is different for two reasons

1. I added chia seeds. I don’t usually add them to smoothies, but this one turned out really smooth. I won’t jump to conclusions because my smoothie texture is always inconsistent, but I’m thinking the chia had something to do with it this time.

 2. It’s in a new smoothie bowl!

 Morning Snack:

Another old favorite (almonds) with a twist (maple vanilla). The night before I added a tiny bit of protein powder, and two TINY drops of maple extract and shook them all up in a plastic bag.

 This is only a few of them because I was snacking away at my desk before remembering to take a photograph.


Unfortunately my lunch is very similar to last weeks WIAW. But fear not friends, like my alligator stew and almonds there is also a twist to this meal:

Salad with hemp hearts, apple, Nutlettes Soy Cereal, Soy Yogurt. Enjoyed while reading a great book

This time the nutlettes inhabited my Soyogurt rather than my cottage cheese.

This is the second time I’ve had this brand of soyogurt, and I’ve decided that I’m a fan.

Mid-Afternoon Snack:

I don’t disappoint, because there is another twist to an old favorite for afternoon snack: Same brand of dark chocolate as last week, but this time the flavor was: It was as good as the description sounds.


I don’t want to sound like a broken record but dinner consisted of another old favorite (tofu stirfry) with a twist (cheesy marinara) Concluded with an apple and finished up flipping through advertisements magazines.

Night Snack:

Are you beginning to catch on? You must be expecting a twist to an old favorite right? Well not for for my night snack. Gotcha! This old favorite remained the same:

Peanut Butter and Banana Greek Bowl


What do you do to add a twist to your old favorites? What are your favorite magazines? What is your favorite flavor or dark chocolate?