I’m pleased to know that many others would also be initially started to recieve running advice from strangers. Thanks for all your comments I loved reading how you started running.


Summer is one of my favorite times to get creative in the kitchen. Mostly because of all the fresh produce! However salads can get a little boring if you don’t change up the contents every once in a while. The boring old: lettuce, cucumber, and tomato thing just doesn’t cut it. So I looked in the fridge to try and find something I wouldn’t normally put in a salad, and what did I pull out: Broccoli Slaw! I’m sure you have seen it in your local grocery store, and you may indeed already use it in your salads, however I’m using my brocolli slaw in a stir fry.

mixed beans, wildwood pasta slim noodles, nutritional yeast, piles of veggies, later topped with greek yogurt/salsa

Next stop was the pantry, I swear there are cans of things in the pantry that you don’t even realize you have. Take for instance the can of Beets I found. I was sure beets could come in handy for making a salad, so I set to work in assembly:

the finished product

Here is what went in:
-1/2 cucumber
-1 diced tomato
-5 diced mushrooms
-1/2 can of beets
-1/2 a bag of broccoli slaw
Then I  mixed in 1/2 cup greek yogurt, 2 tbsp hummus, and salsa. With my hands  fork and knife…
It was such a great change from my usual salads, but you may be wondering what I had with it…

waiting for the microwaved eggs

You see I was just going to have egg/toast/salsa, but then I was wanting to mix it up a bit to give my tastebuds a bit of excitement. So I added pineapple, and cinnamon!
Unfortunatly this was the end of the pineapple, but I’ll be having this again as soon as I get my hands on another pineapple.
I have request: I want to bake my Dad some breakfast cookies, but I don’t have a recipe in mind. He won’t eat it for breakfast if it has butter or shortening but he always says he wants a healthy ‘cookie’ type thing he can have for breakfast on the go (he leaves really early for work). Anyways please share any recipe’s you know :)
What do you add when you are trying to mix things up? What new combinations have you tried recently?