This Weekend E’s are going to focus more on July’s E’s in the form of goals. Here are the goals I made in the beginning of July:

 Edibles (Goal 1):

I successfully tried quite a new food this month. One of them being oat bran, which you all know I am a fan of. This one is Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup oat bran with cocoa, peanut flour, egg whites, and almond breeze topped with greek yogurt mixed with cocoa powder and swirled with runny peanut flour paste

I also tried Soyogurt, which was great combined with my nutlettes in the past WIAW. It was also great with fruit:

Speaking of fruit, I also gave mango a go: Second new fruit tried was avocado. Not just plain avocado, because I already know I’m not a fan, but avocado disguised in the never disappointing hummus…

So much better then the other new dip I tried and didn’t like:

I also tried Quinoa for the first time:

Exercise (Goal 2 + 3):

Goal 2:  So far so good, I’ve stuck to the New Rules of Lifting Plan and am almost complete stage 1. I print out my logs on queue cards and keep them in one of those queue card filers. I definitely feel stronger and have loved mixing up my exercise routine.

 Goal 3: Success: I went to a dance class and had a blast. I’m so glad I made this a goal. The friend I enjoy going with is gone for a month on a missions trip in Africa but when she gets back we are going to go to more dance classes together.

Experiences (Goal 4):

If you missed why I made this goal you can catch up here. I successfully abstained from watching any romance movies this month. And you know what? I feel pretty darn good. I feel confident that my time will come, yet I am in no rush. I am happy with who I am and am satisfied at that. I do not need a man to romance me in order to feel valued.


Have you tried any new foods recently? Anything you didn’t like? Anything you loved?