When I was younger I always craved savory things. My first memory of having a favorite food was when I was three. I was obsessed with cottage cheese. Then when I was ten I was obsessed with chicken noodle soup. Now I crave sweet things a lot more often, but I still usually want a savory lunch and dinner.

Lately I’ve been getting my savory fix with fish. Some are more enjoyable then others. Take for example my tuna and cottage cheese on veggies…

I love this one. There is just something spectacular about cottage cheese and tuna together. Perhaps its the skyrocketing high sodium, but boy is it worth it.

Then there is the smoked salmon wraps I made the other day…

The first bite was eye popping delicious.

Spread greek yogurt, spinkle garlic powder, top with tomato+spinach+cooked cabbage, then roll

But things just went down hill stream from there. It must have been the texture because I kept having to distract myself while I was eating it. My mantra was “Don’t think, chew. Don’t think, chew”. By the last bite I was about to gag.

The strangest thing is that my thoughts were conflicting. I still liked the taste I just didn’t like how fleshy it was. Will I try smoked salmon again to get my savory fix? Yes, if I’m craving it, but I think I will be cutting little pieces into a salad rather then having a huge proportion of fish to veggie!


The ultimate sweet or savory question, which do you prefer? Have you ever tried smoke salmon? Can you relate to having conflicting thoughts on taste and texture?