Thanks for all your kind comments on Sunday’s race! You all really know how to make a girl feel proud. Now it’s time to move on to address the changing season. Yes Autumn, I’m talking to you. How about I share my letter to Autumn over some of Tuesday’s eats.

Dear Autumn,

You get a lot of hype I admit that, but there are a few things we need to talk about one on one. First of all, I don’t really like you for taking away my summer. I know a lot of bloggers love you, but I would take your predecessor any day so please don’t go thinking you are all high and mighty. Don’t get me wrong, I love your festive flavors, who could pass up Carrot Cake tea to flavor oat bran….

Pudding Oats Recipe with Cheesecake Pudding, and Carrot Cake Tea

…but it’s just not worth having to spend my free time study time indoors.
You see summer time allowed me to sit on the porch and feel the heat on my skin…

…and Summer surprised me with gifts of strange insects doing strange things…
Now Autumn, you may be wondering what the point of this letter is. I would like to request that you raise the bar a bit. Don’t get me wrong, you aren’t as disappointing as Mr. Winter, and you do provide the pumpkin…

1/2 cup pumpkin, 1/2 cup eggwhites microwaved 5 minutes. Topped with banana, hemp seeds, peanut flour sauce, and almonds

… but Autumn, if you could please throw in a few other perks with your company that would be great

Your not-so-pleased friend,



What season would you write a letter to? Do you miss the summer? What is your favorite thing to dip chips/crackers in?