It has been a while since I have posted a recipe that uses pea fiber.  Considering how much I loved using pea fiber a year ago in my Elephant Wrinkles Brea-ake I can’t figure out why it has taken me so long to restock. It is always exciting to rediscover old favourite ingredients.

 I shouldn’t be surprised that these crunchy corn cakes have become one of my favourite go-to snacks this month. I love savoury foods, especially bread like ones.

crunchy corn cakes

Ingredients: Instructions
•1/2 cup unsweetened whey protein powder

•1/2 cup corn meal (medium grind)

•1/4 cup coconut flour
•1/4 cup vital wheat gluten
•1/2 cup pea fiber
•1/2 grated zucchini
•1 cup water
•1/2 cup egg whites
•1 tsp baking soda
•1 tsp baking powder
•1 tsp rosemary
•1 tsp salt
•2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1)Mix dry ingredients.

2)Add in egg whites. Mix well.

3)Beat on high for at least 3 minutes

4)Add ACV, mix for at least 2 minutes.

5)Bake 35 min in 375 deg F oven

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This recipe has a lot of ingredients, especially if you choose to add more variety of herbs. In most cases there is a correlation between increasing ingredients and decreasing convenience.




The stats per slice (half mini loaf) ~90cal (9 g carbs/1 g fat/ 10 g protein). Top it with some melted butter and you have got yourself a well rounded snack.


I love the taste of the rosemary with the subtle corn flavor, definitely a great combination.


My favourite thing about this recipe is the texture. They have a crunchy exterior and crumbly inside. It is dense and has that satisfying heavy texture.
General Comments:
Recipe Makes 8 servings. I use for 4 silicone mini loaf pans and cut each in half.

The outside has a perfect crunchy layer….

…and the inside is a perfectly dense savoury bread.

Even though these cakes are great to take on the go when you are in a rush they are even better dunked in soup cuddled up in a toasty warm kitchen.


Do you ever re-discover an ingredient you haven’t used in a long time? Have you used pea fiber before? What is your current favourite to go snack?