Now I remember one of the reasons why I love blogging so much: the support! Your sympathetic and encouraging comments on my last post were greatly appreciated.

Moving on, it’s time for a WIAW focusing on the conveniences and inconveniences of life.

Inconvenient: Forgetting how long to cook my oats and have them spill all over the microwave

Convenient: Having my second attempt at cooking oats turn out to be the perfect texture and consistency

Convenient: Disposable cups for rushed mornings

Inconvenient: A permanent impairment with remembering what that brown stuff on my salad is called: Tahini. For some reason I always want to call it talapia, and have to search my brain for the real word. I think it’s because they both start with ‘Ta’?

Convenient: I wish all malls, subways, and lecture halls had some of these:

While many bloggers have expressed their challenges with what to write when STARTING a post, I always stumble with what to write at the END. Goodbye? See you later? Audios Amigos? In a while crocodile? I just don’t know!


What are some inconveniences or conveniences you have had lately? Are there any words you chronically mix up? What is the strangest thing you have used a disposable cup for?