Today is a big day. Today I turn 21. Today I must say goodbye to being ‘just-turned-twenty’ and hello to ‘early-twenties’. I don’t like birthdays, I don’t like growing up. When I was a pre-teen all my friends talked about how much they wanted to be older so they could do all the things they wanted. I on the other hand dreaded each birthday that came and left.

There are several opportunities I have enjoyed along the way, and many more experiences I have been able to enjoy because of age. Coffee is one of them:  Another pleasure of getting older is making and indulging in your own meals. I don’t know any 12 year olds that make a strawberry maple crunch oatmeal. Heck, when I was 12, I forgot to eat breakfast all together.  Another pleasure of getting older in being able to reflect on the years gone by, and realizing you have some confessions:

In the bowl: oatmeal, protein powder, pumpkin, greek yogurt, puffed kamut. Topped with: yogurt, maple crunch cereal, strawberries

Confession of a 21 year old #1: I feel like I have not lived my teen-aged life to the fullest. I have lived in fear, and have not taken enough risks

There is that stirfry with hemp seeds I was craving on the weekend! With greek yogurt too.

Confession of 21 year old #2: I have never had a boyfriend. What kind of 21 year old has never been in a relationship. I feel like the main character in the movie “Never been kissed”.

In the past, I have felt incomplete without a significant other in my life. When I feel this way I am constantly reminded of a useful summer camp employee lesson:

The Nightly Devotions Story: When I was 15 I worked at an overnight camp, and made some deep friendships that I will remember forever. As an employee we were required to take part in nightly devotions in the field under the stars. I remember one night the devotions were assigned to an older female cabin leader. For her devotions she talked about how God knows the time to bring a significant other into our lives. We must be satisfied with God’s comfort, love and relationship before we can be satisfied with an earthly relationship. This lesson really hit home for me, although at the time I kept thinking “I’m ready for a guy, I really really am” Clearly at that point I was not.

I’m happy to say I feel more satisfied in my relationship with God then I have in the past, and am willing to wait for the right time to be in an earthly relationship.  Confessions of a 21 year old #3: I am an introvert. I re-power and refuel by being alone and enjoying the quiet of my own company.

I used to think I was a horrible person because of this. I would ask myself: “Why are you so anti-social? Why can’t you go make more friends”. Don’t get me wrong I have one really good friend, and about 2-3 other friends I enjoy going out with, but that is all. And guess what? I don’t mind anymore. I love the friends I have. If I make more, that’s great. If I don’t, that’s great too. We don’t all have to be extroverts. Introverts can be nice sweet people too. Not all introverts are bitter, cynical and angry at the world. I don’t know why I previously had this misconception.  I’m sorry for the long wordy post, but It’s my birthday so I’ll write if I want to :)


When you were younger were you excited to grow up and try new things, or fearful? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you have any misconceptions about introverts or extroverts?