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The Perfect Workspace

If you had to choose anywhere to be alone and get work done, where would it be? For me it’s my brothers old bedroom that converted to “my office” awhile back.

Trust me, it doesn’t look that clean and pristine anymore. There are more bookshelves, textbooks, binders, get the idea. But what I wanted to share with you all is my favourite part of my office:

My Desk:

Click to view closer up

My post critical things to keep at hands reach are:

The obvious stuff: pens, pencils, notebook, calculator
Assignment, and class outline print-outs. Although I have a lot of technology (clearly you can tell from this picture), I still prefer the old fashioned print-out for a lot of things!
Water and Food: This doesn’t really need explanation now does it?! One can’t concentrate on an empty stomach
Music: I have a hard time listening to music if I am trying to read, however it is entirely necessary for when I am working on assignments and problem sets.
Empty Kleenex Box Holder: I’ve posted about them before, they are so handy for keeping things in one spot
Ipad/Cell phone: Definitely critical for a little bit of distraction

The Empty Kleenex Box Holders

I know that this week I will be spending a lot of time at my desk, so I’m off to get started!


What do you like to have at hands reach? What is your favourite place to get quiet time?


Studying is a lot like Exercising…

I revelation recently dawned upon me:

I tend to be the overachiever type who studies 12 hours out of the day. Unfortunately I don’t have the grades to prove it (so no, I’m not boasting). It’s getting to that point in the term though, where my brain is rebelling and desperately asking for a rest day.

What better was to take a break than make up a delicious snack of Velvet Cocoa Pudding!

My favourite extract to use is banana, and my liquid of choice is green tea. This recipe is easiest to make if your coconut oil is already in liquid form. The more you mix, the better the texture will be! If you’re unsure as to why the word ‘velvet’ is in the name….try it….the texture will definitely answer your question!


Do you take rest days from studying (if your a student)? What do you do in your ‘off’ time?



Messages can either come at convenient or inconvenient times. Take for instance the message I was confronted with earlier this week.

Sorry, but I think I will be breaking this rule. My Tuesday schedule consists of four hours of lectures straight. And you are asking me not to eat in the lecture halls? Inconvienient.

On the other hand, there are the convenient messages like the one Gmail gave me.. Nice feature google, I appreciate it.

So what’s the point in all this? I am about to convieniently (I hope) tell you that the flying saucer snacks work amazingly with chickpea flour too.

I am also about to tell you that raspberries do not make good eyes when you are decorating. They just make evil creepy bear like faces.

I’ve decided my vote: creepy. What’s yours?

As a side note: I’ve added a feeedback page, so if you have time I would love to get your feeedback!


If you are in school, do you eat during lectures? Have you ever baked with chickpea flour? What is your verdict: Creepy or Cute?


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I’ve been real busy during my break so far. Only four more days before classes start! So much preparation is left to be done. I have managed to set up an extra dual monitor, and upgraded my hard drive size. That’s one thing checked off the to-do list.

Are you wondering whats on my screen? That’s the other thing I’ve been busy doing. I’ve been playing with my blog banner and I’ve come up with three new banners, help me decide which one to choose! (Click to see bigger size)

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Now you can vote!

While your mulling over your decision I will leave you with…

Pomegranate Raspberry Oat Bran

Edible Ingredients:

Engineering Instructions


Of course there is still a question of the day: Do you use a desktop or a laptop? How do you make decisions?


Apple Love (not the computer…The Fruit!)

>Good morning everyone – I hope you all had as much fun with your breakfast as I did with mine!

I picked up a bag of Millit Cereal and was excited to see what I could come up with for breakfast today, after yesterday’s burnt toast.

It turned out to be not very original but still tasty none the less. 
 What’s inside?
-1 cup of puffed millit
-1 tbsp of Progressive Chocolate flavored Protein Powder
-Unsweetened Almond Breeze
-Strawberries and frozen cranberries
-My fat free protein PB and some real PB for fuel
And don’t you just love when you find the large apples at the supermarket? This massive one made my morning
I absolutely love apples – and all the different types they come in! If you ever want a great source listing a bunch of apple sites check out Orange Pippin
I am an Apple fan when it comes to my electronics to – my Macbook is so reliant. 
It’s a ‘Sonya’ apple and ia a great sweet crunchy apple. I will definitely be buying more Sonya apples the next time I see them at the store.
Does any one have any favorite apple types?