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A Garden Growing Experience

In my last post I mentioned about the tomatoes I had growing in my garden. Considering it is the weekend and there is plenty of time (sarcasm) for gardening I figured I would take advantage of the opportunity to post about what I have growing this season:

Lettuce, Strawberries, and more lettuce. (Perfect for making salads)

Tomatoes (Perfect for making Ketchup)

Zucchini (Perfect for making muffins!)

Raspberries (Perfect for making anything!)

The irony of it all is that I do not have much gardening experience or background knowledge. Which explains the reason why I sprawled down a few gardening tips I heard on the television the other day:


I suppose if you look at my gardening knowledge from another perspective, such as the view from a year ago, you will see that I have in fact grown quite a bit! No pun intended. It all depends on perspective:

Are you growing anything in the garden this year? Do you have any gardening tips? What is a situation you need to look at from a different perspective?


Getting Creative with Yonanas

No, I do not mean getting creative with your Nana. I’m talking about getting creative with Yonanas. Over the Christmas break I happened to become acquainted with a little something called Yonanas. I know that it is all a marketing scheme and banana soft serve has been all over the blog world for ages, however I am going to share some of my thoughts and comments on it.

The general functionality of it works just as it says it does. Having tried the whole banana soft serve thing with a blender/magic bullet, I can definitely confirm that the Yonanas is much more convenient and gives a much less melty ‘soft serve’.

At first I was concerned the clean up would be a pain, but I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly one can clean the parts after using. I would say equivalent to the effort required to clean a blender (or maybe even less depending on the size of your blender).

So the only problem? Lack of variety. It is much easier to toss things to your blender when you make banana soft serve, but you can not throw just anything into the Yonanas.

Thankfully with a little creativity there is a simple solution –> Make your own banana shaped add ins:

I suggest using at least one banana to get a tasty texture but beyond that you can add pretty much anything! I often use greek yogurt, protein powder, cocoa powder all mixed together and frozen around the banana.

Just use plastic wrap to wrap and stick it in the freezer to THOROUGHLY freeze before putting it through the yonanas.

Since I often find the banana/protein powder too sweet by itself I will often mix in pumpkin:

Sometimes when I feel like I want to visit an alligator, I throw in some spinach and make it a froyo style alligator stew:

Yup, the Yonanas can even handle spinach my friend!


Have you hear of the Yonanas appliance before? How do you feel about banana soft serve?


A Very Boring Title: Pancakes and Fruit

I’ve never been a good pancake maker. I used to bookmark all sorts of pancake recipes, but then I could never make them because they would burn. So last year my solution to that problem was to make oven pancakes. This year my solution to that problem, was more oil in the pan and patience!

Snack size pancake

It is true my friends, I have finally conquered the art of making pancakes. I know a lot of other people don’t struggle with making pancakes, but still

Since I wasn’t sure if the experiment was going to turn out, I made a very small recipe. I didn’t want to end up wasting ingredients since I am cheap frugal.

Since the recipe didn’t make very much chocolate and fruit became an addition to this snack size pancake, because really who doesn’t love fruit. I hate those magazines that say we should limit our fruit intake to 2 a day because they are high sugar.

The only fruit I don’t love is banana, but recently frozen banana and I have become quite close. So here we are with a snacky-size portioned pancakes. Perfect for the times when you have multiple cravings and want your pancakes, chocolate, and fruit.

aple cider vinigar, peanut flour, protein powder, egg whites, pancakes, snacksize Notes: This recipe doesn’t have any added sweetener to it because I find the peanut flour makes it sweet enough. If you are used to sweetened baking you will definitely need to add some. I used 1/2 a tsp of coconut oil in the pan. For the liquid I used almond breeze, but I made these another time with cooled tea, both worked great.


Do you have struggles making pancakes? What is your favourite pancake recipe? (feel free to link) You love fruit right?


Dips Were Not Made For Indecisive People

I haven’t hidden the fact from my blog that I am a completely indecisive person. I’ve had posts titled: the solution for indecisive apple eaters, as well as the cure for indecisive shoppers. Not only that but it wasn’t that long ago, that I couldn’t decide what I liked best dipped in my pumpkin hummus. This time, I couldn’t decide what to dip smother in chocolate dip!

Bran Crackers


Frozen Rhubarb

Or even celery

Yea, I am aware that celery and chocolate dip isn’t a common combination. But hey, if you can put peanut butter/raisins on celery what stops one from putting chocolate on it?

Of course there is always the option of eating it plain off the spoon

Just in case you are wondering what this dip actually is…here you go:

Chocolate Cake Dip

Engineering Instructions:

1) Melt the baking chocolate in half of the almond milk.
2) In another bowl mix all the other ingredients.
3) Combine melted chocolate and other ingredients, while chocolate is still hot.
4) Let sit for at least 1 hour. Oat bran will expand and make the dip solid
Notes: I have made this with added mashed banana, or 1/4 cup of canned pumpkin and it works well too!


Do you like rhubarb? What is the weirdest thing you would dip in chocolate dip? Are you indecisive?


To me an ideal summer Saturday looks a little something like this…

Blooming Tea

Trying out a brand new peach black tea and watching it bloom.

Alligator Stew with puffed kamut and millet

Using said tea to make a nice big post-run alligator stew.

Something is wrong with this picture. Would I really sit inside when I can enjoy the sun?

Not worrying about leaving a mess since my family seems to be messier than me

Porch and notebook

Enjoying the porch while making lists in my notebooks, and reading.


Keeping the dog company (or is the dog keeping me company?)


Ingredients: 1.25 cups of cold peach black tea, 1/2 scoop of Genuine Health Vegan Proteins, 1/2 scoop of Unsweetened Whey Protein, Frozen Strawberries, 1/2 frozen granny smith, 7 ice cubes, frozen spinach, Xanthan Gum.


If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out the bible study I will be leading in August check out the information here. :)


What does your ideal Saturday look like? Are you the messiest in your house?


Food Lover vs. Food Eater

From reading healthy living food blogs and comparing to others we meet, it isn’t hard to conclude that there is a big difference between those that eat food, and those that love food.

1. Those that eat food would be satisfied with just having one nut butter variety…

tahini salsa greek yoghurt pumpkin cilantro garlic powder mix dip Nutz 2 U Organic Pumpkin Seed Butter. Delicious (even though it is the colour of baby diarrhoea)

…those that love food would want to try all the nut butters in existence.

2. Those that eat food would not invest the time to perfectly place their pile of fruit and yogurt…

…those that love food would not only take that prep time they would take extra time to enjoy every single morsel while catching up on their favourite healthy living blogs.

3.  Those that eat food would be disgusted at green oat brain…

Overnight oat brain with pumpkin and greens+

…those that love food would be so excited that they just had to whip out the camera.

4. Those that eat food would not be so inclined to try and recreate their favourite chocolate bar flavour…

Ryvita whole grain snack bread, peanut flour, melted dark 100% dark bakers chocolate, capella waffle flavour drops, sea salt

…those that love food would melt dark chocolate with waffle flavour drops and sprinkle with sea salt to recreate maple salted chocolate.

I for one, can say I am a full fledge food lover!

What are you: a food lover? or a food eater? What is your favourite type of nut/seed butter? 


Relive the Weekend

I don’t know about you, but my snacks and meals during the week are completely different than what gets consumed on the weekends. On the weekend I have time to shop, prep, bake and present so my dishes are always much more excisting and satisfying.

This WIAW, I am going to focus on weekend eats:

Breakfast: sweet potato, eggs, goat cheese, greek yoghurt, fruit

 Technically I have the most time for breakfast during the work week, so in fact I would have time to make the potato and eggs, especially since I make them in the microwave. The issue is I don’t always have time to finish my breakfast at home, and sometimes have to take some to go for while I am walking to work.

Snack and a book (The Eight by Katherine Neville) in the sun. Is there any better weekend activity?

A smoothie (minus fruit) poured over whole watermelon, and cranberries

I am sorry, but this snack would totally not fly at work. so it is reserved for the weekends.

Chicken Salad with cheddar cheese

Presentation adds so much to a meal, no? A chicken salad in a tubberwear at work is just not the same.

Microwave Cookie Recipe, but BAKED

During the week when I make Microwave cookies I microwave them (logically). However on the weekend I use the same recipe and bake them resulting in a completely different consistency!


I would love to tell you this is an asian inspired stirfy and that is why I added dried noori, however you will notice there are also tomatoes in there…I can’t say I’m certain tomatoes are used often in asian cuisine. Either way by the time I get home from work there is no way I would have enough time to make a stirfry before chewing of my arm (or my siblings head), so stir fry’s are also a weekend favourite.


Do your meals and snacks differ from weekday to weekend? Enlighten me: what are asian inspired ingredients?


Better Late Than Never

I am aware that we are already well into the first week of July, but I am still going to write about my July goals for this WIAW

Dance Once Per Week:

I don’t mean the usual dancing one does when they are happy or at a party, I mean dance classes. You may remember I went once last summer (which I loved) so now I want to get into the habbit of going. In all honesty on July 1st this goal was “go to ONE dance class”, but I went on the 2nd of July and loved it so the goal got altered.

Green Smoothie poured over fruit and puffed kamut, then drizzled with peanut flour sauce

Learn One new Piano song:

Usually my goals focus on health or fitness, but that shouldn’ t be te case at all. It has been ages since I have learned a new piano song, but I have always found it enjoyable and a satisfying accomplishment.

Veggies, cottage cheese/salsa mixture

Deepen a Friendship:

I am always inspired by Meg @ a dash of meg and the way she reaches out to others. Although I am introverted and renew my mind with alone time, I am beginning to realize that I am left unsatisfied if I get too much quiet time, and not enough social time. Thus, this month I am purposely going to enjoy the company of friends more.

A crumpet with tahini+peanut flour in-between with almonds

Help Out at Church:

I am finally starting to settle into my work routine, and would really like to help out with some of the youth events at my church. I’m making this a goal, because I know I may come up with excuses about why I shouldn’t volunteer if I don’t.

I bought some baba ganoush but was completely disappointed (I usually LOVE it!). It was way too sweet.

Stay on a Budget:

Being a student the past four years I didn’t really have a budget. Unless you count the “don’t spend anything unless you desperately need it” a budget. I’ve created a budget for myself so that I can enjoy some treats (a new nut butter? I think so!), while still savings some.

Mystery Snack: What do you think is inside? I will give you a hint: there is peanut butter on bread, with…

Get Fats from a larger variety of food:

I get around 40 grams of fat per day, so I’m not looking to necessarily increase that. However I get almost all my fats from either almonds, tahini, 100% unsweetened bakers chocolate, or coconut oil. This month I would like to purposely incorporate foods such as avocados, or new salad dressings to try and expand where I get my fats from.


What are your favourite sources of fats? What do you think the above mystery snack is? Do you like baba ganoush?


Things to Improve On

I know I am not supposed to be negative on a blog, but the only way to deal with negativity is to acknowledge it right? Well then, there are a few things about MYSELF that have been starting to really bother me, so this WIAW I am going to focus on those things. Most importantly I will focus on how I plan to change them.

Overnight Oats Piled high with Frozen Fruit. I love mixing in frozen cranberries into my oats in the morning, and some of the oats even free around them!

1) I care too much about my reputation, and what others think of me.

I can’t impress everyone, and I need to learn to accept that. There is no point tiring my self out trying to proove I am a hard worker at my job. I can’t work more than 10 hours a day even though it seems like all my coworkers can. I guess I will have to let go of having a “hard-worker” reputation. I will work my 8:30am-6:30pm as hard as possible, and then not feel bad about being the first to leave. I am determined to live.

Lately I have been dipping my vegetables in: 1 tbsp tahini, 2 tbsp greek yogurt, few tbsp of salsa. This time I had it with sweet potato, brussels sprouts, turnip, and cucumber.

2) I spend to much time preparing and planning meals.

I first expressed my irritation at meal prep time during a past WIAW. It hasn’t changed. I’m so tired of spending an hour each night preparing all my food for the next day. Then there is the effort that goes in to trying to figure out what to bring. I’ve decided to just stick to a weekly schedule. Meaning every Monday I will have the exact same thing as the last Monday. It is un-creative and routine, but I need to save time. I am tired of waisting my time planning.

Fruit, yogurt and tahini.

The great thing about having a rental car on vacation is being able to get around to all sorts of places. The beach isn’t that far from Orlando when you have a car!

Microwave brussels sprouts with melted cheddar cheese and tomatoes.

3) I am horrible at relationships

I blame it on my parents (no really), but the point is…I don’t know how to build a relationship or be close with someone. I have been dating the same guy for almost 6 months, and I am just so hesitant to open up and put down my barriers. I really need to work on this, but I don’t actually have a plan. I’m just so comfortable in my comfort zone.

Any advice for the issues I am having? What is your favourite thing to melt cheese on? 


For When I Can’t Think of a Title, There is Always This…

I’m not going to focus too much on an Orlando recap, simply because I didn’t really take tonnes of photos. The photos I did take (or should I say have taken) speak for themselves:

Reading on a beach day trip

Running on the beach with my Dad and sister

Soaking up sitting around with my family and enjoying each others company.

The days in Orlando were filled with shopping, and exploring. Now that I am home though, I’ve been settling back into a routine and enjoying some old favourite edibles:

Microwave Cookies topped with Tahini

The great thing about having a bookstore close to my office is that during my lunch break I quickly browse a few books (if it isn’t sunny out). I’m looking for a new Christian inspirational book, so was searching the Joyce Meyers books. Any one have a suggestion?

Green smoothie poured over fruit (rather than the fruit blended in!)

I love my regular alligator stew but forgot about how enjoyable it is to keep the fruit whole and pour the smoothie over top. It is especially delicious if the fruit is frozen!


Have you been enjoying any old favourite edibles recently? Any suggestions for an inspirational Christian book?