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The Unsweetened Truth

While most students would go out with friends to celebrate the end of a term, I spent the evening cleaning my office and bookshelf. In the past I would have been mad at myself for not being “normal”, but now I realize that I really do enjoy spending some time alone, and what better to do than organize! So in fact I truthfully enjoyed myself.

Speaking of normal, I’ve been wondering: what is the  normal amount of fake sweetener one should use?

100% dark baking chocolate (UNSWEETENED)

I feel that false sweeteners are something that a lot of healthy living bloggers do not write about. Something that just gets swept under the carpet, or purposely omitted from posts.

However, since January I have slowly cut out ALMOST all false sweeteners. The only time I do have it is when I don’t have time to grab my own protein snacks and grab a protein bar (such as the quest bar).

This is becoming something tastily edible

At first unsweetened dark chocolate, unsweetened oat bran, and unsweetened protein cakes didn’t seem quite right. Now they taste wonderful, all without any sweetener!

A chocolate cheesecake frozen cookie treat (see recipe below)! Since my exams are officially done I figured I would point out my engineering ring. In case those in the other countries don’t know: In Canada all engineers get an Iron Ring that they where on the pinky finger.

So when my recipes have absolutely no sweetener or sugar in them…

I love these Capella flavor drops: Milk Chocolate Toffee. These drops are favour concentrations, not sweeteners.

….that is because there truly isn’t, and I like it just like that. In fact now I think that sweetened things taste too sweet, and I can actually enjoy naturally sweet things (like fruit) so much more!


Do you use false sweeteners? Is sweeten a word? Do you sweeten your baked goods or have them unsweetened? If you write a blog, do you ever purposely not talk about adding false sweeteners? 


In Denial

I find flossing my teeth to be an extremely relaxing pastime. Uncommon? Perhaps, but you know what I find even MORE relaxing than flossing? Denial. Ignorance is bliss. Definitely not a lesson I would teach my children, but true none the less.

I will share some of the things I am in denial about over some recent edibles:

I deny the fact that there is any such thing as “The End”. Fairy tales are an exception.

Who said breakfast can’t resemble a snacky like meal? Snack plates can be fun!

I deny the fact that in 36 hours my undergraduate studies will have ended (see above: there is no such thing as the end, and my undergraduate experience does not meet the fairy tale exception. It was missing the fairy godmother, 7 dwarfs, and knight in shining armour).

I deny the fact that I am the classic nerd that enjoys being studious.

Alligator Stews never get old

I deny the fact that I every neuron in my brain wants to rewind time.

I deny the fact that I do not know what I will be doing in 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years.

My first time trying Brie cheese. I must say I wasn’t thrilled. I definitely prefer a stronger cheese!

I deny the fact things are changing.

I deny the fact that I’m on to a new chapter of my life.

Some more “hamburger” bun, with veggie toppings this time

I deny the fact that I should be studying for my last two exams rather than writing this post!


What are you in denial about? Do you like brie? Do you ever have a “snack-plate” for breakfast?


The Fear of Failure

It’s funny how one comes to realize something isn’t it? Sometimes the act of realization is a Eureka moment, and other times it’s a slow clearing of fog. This time it was an event that triggered me to realize a lesson about failure. Of course that event was a failed baking attempt.

And the lesson learned:

This lesson is important to me, because I am currently dealing with the fear of failure. Particularly in regard to the upcoming Half-Marathon I’ve been training for. It is in two weeks, and I fear that I will not be able to set a personal record. But I’m coming to realize that fearing failure is silly, because failure doesn’t bite (unless of course we are talking about a dog named Failure). Thus, I will be running the half-marathon with my whole heart and enjoying every minute of it without the fear of failing my personal record!


Do you ever fear failure? What was the last baking failure you had? Do you have a dog named Failure that bites? (just kidding)


Will Climb Branches for Cookies

The other day I set out to make one of my favorite study snacks: Velvet Cocoa Butter Pudding. However the oven was already pre-heated because I had just finished baking up a weeks supply of my favorite vegetable (turnip/rutabaga), thus I impulsively decided to bake the mixture.

I sure am glad I did, because these turned out to be a great texture for my liking: soft and gooey. If you are looking for a crunchy hard cookie these are not for you. In fact the centers remain almost uncooked, but there is nothing to worry about because there are no eggs in the recipe.

Anyone who has the tiniest hint of a sweet tooth will want to add some sort of sweetener to this recipe

In effort to live life  through the eyes of a child, I though I would share some fun I had playing shadow puppets. 


What was the last impulsive thing you did? Do you prefer your cookies soft or crunchy? What are your favourite shadow puppets to make?


The Art of Doing Things for Pleasure

Okay, I lied, sometimes I do have trouble opening up a post. Today is one of those times. Let’s just put it like this: I’m going share with you a secret, a story, and a goal all mixed in with sharing my Wednesday eats.

I have a secret: I used to like to write for no one but my self. I spent years keeping a journal and used it to recount various details of my life and reflect on what I thought I knew about the world I know. I found pleasure in spending time by my self and doing something that had absolutely no value to it. It was not making me smarter, it was not building my relationships, it was not doing chores, and it was not pleasing any one else. So what was it doing? It was pleasing me.

Had to give the garnet yam another chance. It’s official: I like the white flesh sweet potato much better

A Story: Did you know I built a time machine when I was 14? Truly I did, and I fast forwarded to when I was 30. Unfortunately not having gone through any engineering training at that age the time machine only transported my soul to a thirty year old. The rest of me stayed in my adolescence. I was a kid with no sense of fun, spontaneity, innocence, or carefree-ness. Don’t get me wrong, I never wanted to grow up, I distinctly remember wanting to cry when I became a teenager, I wanted to stay 12 forever.

I would rate this Quest bar 10/10, although I have also had the cashew coconut flavour and would only rate it a 6/10 for being way to sweet. I haven’t been using any stevia in my baking or yogurts, so on the rare occasion that I grab a protein bar I often find them too sweet for my liking.

A Goal: What is the point in all my rambling: I have a new goal of rediscovering the art of doing things for pleasure. For spending time to let go of the responsibilities and cares. To live through a child’s eyes for a small moment of the day.

You didn’t think the missing chocolate topping would last long did you?


What do you do for your own pleasure? Do you ever feel like your sold is a different age than your body? Do you ever find protein bars too sweet? What your favorite protein bar?


High Protein "Hamburger" Bun

Sometimes I get lucky in the kitchen. By that I mean: I manage to create something delicious, voluptuous, AND high protein by throwing a few things in a bowl and microwaving.

To anyone who thought I meant something else by “get lucky in the kitchen”….get your head out of the gutter.

High Protein “Hamburger” Bun

Edible Ingredients:

•18 grams unsweetneed pure whey protein
•1/4 tsp baking powder
•1/4 tsp baking soda
•1/2 tbsp tahini
•1/3 cup egg whites
•1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
•salt and seasoning (I use an Italian seasoning)

Engineering Instructions:

1. Mix whey, baking powder, baking soda, salt, seasoning, tahini and egg whites (everything but apple cider vinegar). Don’t worry if you can’t get all the clumps out because they will come out after adding the apple cider vinegar.
2. Add apple cider vinegar, stir well, and microwave for 3min 30 sec.

This could be topped with anything: sweet or savoury. I couldn’t pass on making this meal even HIGHER protein with a tuna-cottage cheese topping. Tuna and cottage cheese are the ultimate couple, those two definitely do get lucky in the kitchen.


What is your favourite cottage cheese combo? Do you every unexpectedly have a recipe that turns out?


To the Point

It wouldn’t be a regular week on my blog, if I didn’t have one post that was super quick and to the point:

The Point: You can save a lot of money on fancy teas if you buy the ingredients in bulk and mix it yourself. I’ve talked about the original Fired Up Fennel before, but when it ran out I decided to just “make” my own! Now I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve for some other mixes.

Anise seeds, fennel, star anise, chili pepper


If you made your own tea mixture what type would it be? How do you save money on edibles?


Conveniently Inconvenient

Now I remember one of the reasons why I love blogging so much: the support! Your sympathetic and encouraging comments on my last post were greatly appreciated.

Moving on, it’s time for a WIAW focusing on the conveniences and inconveniences of life.

Inconvenient: Forgetting how long to cook my oats and have them spill all over the microwave

Convenient: Having my second attempt at cooking oats turn out to be the perfect texture and consistency

Convenient: Disposable cups for rushed mornings

Inconvenient: A permanent impairment with remembering what that brown stuff on my salad is called: Tahini. For some reason I always want to call it talapia, and have to search my brain for the real word. I think it’s because they both start with ‘Ta’?

Convenient: I wish all malls, subways, and lecture halls had some of these:

While many bloggers have expressed their challenges with what to write when STARTING a post, I always stumble with what to write at the END. Goodbye? See you later? Audios Amigos? In a while crocodile? I just don’t know!


What are some inconveniences or conveniences you have had lately? Are there any words you chronically mix up? What is the strangest thing you have used a disposable cup for?


Where I Have Been and Where I am Going

Hello there, should I re-introduce myself? Has it really been that long? Well just in case: Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m an engineer who loves healthy edibles, and exercise.

I’ve been completely absent from my blog for a while, so I thought I would offer an explanation:

Where I have Been:

Thursday March 15th – Tuesday April 2nd were the busiest 2.5 weeks I have ever had. I’m going to resist the urge to list all things I had to do for the sake of not complaining. However let’s just put it this way:

•Many days I barely had time to brush my teeth,
•I would have been lucky if I got a chance to read emails (even the important ones)

•Spent too much time fixing segmentation faults (never wait last minute to test your computer program on a school computer). If you are curious as to what a segmentation fault is, a comic always explains it best.

•Spent over $80 for printing of final term assignments
•Fulfilled all the stereotypes regarding engineers hygiene and social skills.

But that’s all behind me now. It felt like a very long race. At the peak of it all I just kept telling myself it was the last 5km in a half-marathon so I should “Just do It” (thanks Nike).  In the end I took a few days to recooperate before trying to get back into my old routine. And that leads me to:

Where I am Going:

Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere really. In fact I have no idea where I am going, what I am doing, who I am , what I have done, or how I feel about it all. When it comes to the future, it’s a bit like this:

I have no idea what I’m doing after I graduate (still waiting to hear back about graduate studies). I’m trying to remember that God has an amazing plan that is better than mine. But I’m sure everyone can relate to loving their OWN plan. So for now I have to sit tight.

I’ve made a few goals for April to keep me back on track. Including:

•A long run in preparation for another Half-Marathon the first week of May
•Eating breakfast and dinner at the table instead of my office. Sorry lunch, you will be eaten in the office/lecture hall
•Getting back to a regular blog posting/reading schedule. I promise not to be so long-winded and wordy in my upcoming posts though!


Where do you eat your meals? The table? bedroom? office? living room? 

What do you do when the future is unknown?


Wax On, Wax Off: Spreadable Cheese

My default go-to spreadable cheese is laughing cow cheese wedges. I love how salty they are compared to regular cream cheese. Another favourite is smoked salmon cream cheese, yet again saltier compared to regular cream cheese.  But recently I tried and fell in love with Goat cheese

I’ve found that goat’s cheese has a very tangy distinctive flavour, and is not at all bland compared to something like ricotta. And since I like sharp cheese, I definitely enjoyed this change! Apparently goat cheese is a good alternative if your digestive system doesn’t get along well with cow’s dairy, due to goat’s milk having smaller fat globules. (source).

I’m thinking the next sweet potato I have will be topped with goat’s cheese rather then sour cream!


Have you ever tried Goat’s milk cheese? What is your default spreadable cheese? If you were to top your potato with anything what would it be?