We all have our sayings right? Some say wicked, some say hurray, some say…something else. I say adaga badaga. You have no idea how many times I haven’t written adaga badaga in a post or comment, to then realize that no one knows what it means. But my backspace button is getting tired, so I figured I would clear it up over at the WIAW party hosted by the lovely Peas and Crayons


{Oat Bran Method using Tetley Blueberry Ginseng Tea and vanilla extract}

Adaga Badaga: the thought of pleasure.

Ex: As I insert the first spoonful of oat bran I think “adaga badaga, that is delicious”. The winner this morning was Blueberry Muffin oat bran. It was made with cooled blueberry tea, and I mixed in greek yogurt before tucking it into bed the fridge for the night.

Morning Snack:

{breadie (recipe coming soon) with peanut butter + apple}

Adaga Badaga: the oh no sigh

Ex: You remember when I took a tumble? Well all of my runs after that I could feel a tiny little pull in my groin. But not even enough to remember after my run. Until my Saturday run when something aggravated it, because I could hardly walk all Saturday and Sunday…adaga badaga.


{Purple people eater alligator stew: (Blueberries, Cranberries, spinach vanilla protein powder, cold blueberry tea, and xanthan gum)}

Adaga Badaga: the sigh of relief

Ex: After icing (yes, it is akward to ice your groin in case you were wondering) and a few days rest I went for a run on, and adaga badaga the pain was minimal, what a relief! Sure, my pace was slower and I couldn’t do hills, but that’s not what matters right now!


Adaga Badaga: an exclamation of excitement

Ex: On the weekend I bought a new mug, and exclaimed “adaga badaga”! It’s big and wide enough to be used as a bowl!

sheep yogurt (very good!), apples, blueberries, hemp hearts


Adaga badaga: a mutter of annoyance

Ex: When someone leaves the watermelon/milk/yogurt out of the fridge and it gets warm, adaga badaga


Adaga Badaga: the sigh of contentment

Ex. Relaxing into bed after an relaxing day, adaga badaga.

Puffy Protein Pudding, but with 2 tbsp of Bob’s Red Mill Hemp Protein Powder


Is there a word you catch yourself always saying?