It’s party time, and guess what?! You’re all invited!


Sometimes I just don’t feel like doing much food prep, usually if I’ve been really busy. So instead of preparing overnight oats, I decided just to make a quick breakfast in the morning.  Greek yogurt, fruit + drizzles peanut flour paste, and marble toast. Marble toast is just a really thick layer of cheese on the bottom (I use a full laughing cow triangle on each slice) and a thin layer of peanut butter on top.

Morning Snack:

 I hate it when only the small apples are left in the fridge.

 At least it was firm and crunchy, just the way apples should be. Speaking of crunchy, I love crunchy things. Some people like their almonds as almond butter, but more often then not I would rather chew my almonds. Nothing against nut butter, I just prefer the crunching action!


One of the great things about packing a lunch for work is that you get to gamble on what you will be craving the next day [enter sarcasm].

It’s just a salad +italian dressing, cottage cheese, soy cereal and an apple. It’s not what I would have chosen if I were at home, but I get what I packed and I packed what I get.

I put cinnamon in the lunch baggie with the soy cereal then mixed it in my cottage cheese. I frequently eat my cottage cheese this way, it makes it more crunchy.

Afternoon Snack:

Snoopy likes dark chocolate too. But I didn’t share with him because it was one of my favorites: OrganicFair WestCoaster (TOASTED HAZELNUTS & WILD BLUEBERRIES)

Why I was craving soup during a huge heat wave is beyond me. But I was, so that’s exactly what I had.

I added my own veggies of course…

But didn’t make lots of soup broth because I felt like chewing rather then slurping 

GoGo Quinoa instant soup, veggies, hemp hearts, greek yogurt ,salsa


My snack was a kaleidoscope of colors.

 Instead of adding the fruit to my smoothie I poured my smoothie over my fruit (apple, watermelon, blueberries, and strawberries). It was perfect because I felt like chewing!

By the way, if you haven’t already filled in the security polls and want to, you can head here.


Do you prefer crunchy or soft fruit? (I prefer crunchy like apples, that is actually the reason why you don’t see many banana’s around here)

What do you have for breakfast when you don’t have time to prepare oats?