I think it has been well established that breakfast is the preferred meal for many food bloggers. I must add that I am not an exception to this stereotype. Following the trend one of my favorite wake-me-up meals is a big bowl of overnight oats. The possibilities are just endless due to the shear variety of mixin’s and toppings that can accompany the main star: oats.
In all honesty my big bowl of oatmeal has become a big bowl of … something else. A Big Bowl of Breakfast (B to the power of 3) Each bowl generally uses the same base ingredients (left in fridge overnight after mixing)…

Base ingredients all mixed together. See below 'menu' for the list.

You know the nice frozen yogurt stores where you can choose your what you want mixed into the base, and then choose your toppings? Well my breakfast is quite a bit like that. Here is the main menu:
Sometimes I replace the instant hot cereal with 1/4 cup oats, they are essentially equivalent nutrition wise, other then the massive protein count (12 g/ 2 tbsp) in the instant hot cereal!
The base ingredient ‘maple crunch’ in the above menu is actually quite important. It’s the “Smaps” cereal I got in my order. I don’t know why I called it maple crunch in my ingredient list…oops. The mixin’s and toppin’s is where I  expand my creativity. Take for instance the greek yogurt icing as a topping.
The brown one is: cherry chocolate greek yogurt icing (greek yogurt, cherry yoplait source yogurt, unsweetened cocoa powder).
The white one is: lemon maple greek yogurt icing (greek yogurt, lemon yoplait source yogurt, maple extract). One of my favorite bowls thus far had crushed walnuts mixed into the base and was topped with the cherry chocolate greek yogurt icing + frozen cranberries.

This Big Bowl of Breakfast is so much more exciting then the toast, peanut butter, and yogurt I was having a few months ago!


Do you like to change up your breakfast when the seasons change? What are your favorite or most creative mixins or toppins for oatmeal/cereal?